After Kim K.'s Second Twitter Rant About Donda's House, We Have Questions

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When it comes to matters involving Kanye West, Kim Kardashian apparently has to have the last word.
After Rhymefest sent a shady tweet to Drake asking for Drake to help out Donda’s House, a nonprofit Rhymefest and West started in honor of West’s late mother, unlike West who has remained silent, Kardashian embarked on an all-out Twitter rant. In it Kardashian defended her husband by slamming Rhymefest for using West’s name for personal gain, wearing fake Yeezy’s, and vowed to take Donda’s House from him and let her children “run it the way it should be run.”
Rhymefest then fired back at Kardashian in an open letter, asking her how she could criticize an organization she had never “physically been to” or interacted with. Later the organization, which provides arts education and youth development in Chicago, announced they would no longer be using Donda West’s name. Still, that didn’t seem to stop Kardashian from airing her grievances once again. This time breaking it all the way down, as she characterized it.
According to Kardashian, West and his mother started a charity called Loop Dreams. But when Donda passed the name of the organization was changed to Donda’s House, and West paid Rhymefest a salary to run it. After several years of financial strain, West could no longer fund salaries and Rhymefest allegedly asked to take it over with no financial strings attached.
“Kanye gave his ‘friend’ an opportunity to run an organization on his own,” Kardashian wrote. “So now that Kanye is being publicly shamed for not being involved makes no sense and, at this exact time, just seems very calculated. I have and will always applaud any efforts to give back to the community. To fight for justice and to help uplift the youth. But I will never tolerate someone who was close to Kanye who attempts to use his late mother’s name to publicly shame him while pretending to do good.”
While it’s great to see Kardashian going so hard behind her man and her late mother-in-law, why didn’t West make it right with Rhymefest and Donda's House after he did get his finances together? Especially when he’s got the time and money to drop $85K on Pusha T’s album cover photo.
If Donda’s House is important to West’s legacy, why not do whatever he can to be a part of it or make it better if he's got problems with it, instead of standing by while Kardashian attacks the very people who’ve been running it since the beginning? It just doesn’t make any sense.

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