Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner's Perfume Collab Finally Has A Launch Date

Update: Four months after the postponement of the first-ever perfume collaboration between Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner, there is finally a launch date for the project. KKW Fragrance announced on Instagram that the collection of three perfumes will be available on August 23. This news comes after production for the product failed its durability test back in April.
With an official release date, there are also more details out about the perfumes. The three lip-shaped bottles will house scents with notes of coconut, amber, and gardenia. Each bottle (30 mL) will be priced at $40, with a trio bundle also available for $110. It's safe to say that these Instagrammable bottles will be all over the internet in no time.
Update (April 17, 2019): If you had a calendar reminder set for when the KKW Fragrance x Kylie collection drops on April 26th, you can turn it off... or at least hit snooze for the foreseeable future. According to a tweet by Kim Kardashian West, production of the perfume is on hold due to a failed durability test.
"Sadly, we found out today from the manufacturer that a few of our bottles did not pass durability tests while on the assembly line and we have paused production while the team explores the issue further," Kardashian West wrote. "Together, we made the difficult decision to delay the launch as we should never release a product that did not meet the strictest of quality guidelines."
While the sisters didn't share an updated release date for the lip-shaped perfume, Kardashian Wes vowed to update the public as soon as soon as a new launch date is set in stone. Watch this space for more updates.
Update (April 15, 2019): Just two weeks after Keeping Up With The Kardashians leaked an upcoming fragrance collaboration between Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West, the perfume is finally here.
Kardashian West took to Instagram today to announce the "KKW Fragrance x Kylie" collection. In true Kylie form, the bottles are shaped like lips and come in shades you'd also find in her Lip Kit collection: nude, pink, and red.
Kardashian West announced that the perfumes come in three different scents and include notes of red lotus blossoms, liquid amber, and peony. They're set to launch on on April 26th, and judging by Kardashian West's clip on the episode, you'll definitely see them in selfies everywhere around that time.
This story was originally published April 1, 2019.
Sundays won't be the same for the next couple of weeks as Keeping Up With The Kardashians is back for its 16th season. And while we shamelessly tune in, waiting for the Jordyn-Tristan scandal to go down on TV, the season premiere gave us an unexpected look into an upcoming beauty collaboration between the family's biggest beauty moguls.
During the episode, Kylie Jenner arrives at sister Kim Kardashian West's house for a business meeting about a new perfume that will supposedly be released under the KKW Fragrance line.
The sisters get right to it and choose their favorite scent from perfume test strips and sampler bottles with the label Givaudan — a flavor and fragrance manufacturer. While Jenner had her favorite picked out, KKW hands her sister another pick saying, "I feel like it has potential." After taking a whiff, Kylie seems sold on that option.
And while we might not have any clues to what that winning scent is, we did get a clear look at the packaging during the scene. The perfume's bottle is shaped like lips, a nod to the kits that started Kylie's billion-dollar business. Kim showed her youngest sibling the two different sizes for the bottle and explained why it'd make more sense to go with the smaller size — it's be better for selfies, of course.
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This isn't the first we've heard of this collaboration. Last October, KKW confirmed the product launch during an interview with Ashley Graham for her podcast Pretty Big Deal. “I’m so excited. I have a fragrance coming out early next year with Kylie,” she revealed. “Kylie only wears my fragrances. She’s always loved them and has always collected them in her room since she was little and when I started. She’s my biggest supporter on that, so I’m excited for that collab."
Well, if early 2019 is still the plan, the collaboration could be coming any day now. And if we look to the sell-out status of their previous makeup collabs and Kim's fragrance launches, this perfume will surely sell out fast, and according to their marketing plans, make for great Instagram shots, too.

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