A Comprehensive Guide To The Biggest Trends Of Fashion Week

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There are trends during fashion week that are loud. They come down the runway, catch your attention, and every show thereafter features that trend. Other trends are quiet; they tiptoe and sneak in — only to pop up in your head later, after the rush of NYFW has subsided and you've caught your breath. There’s no real hierarchy between the trends that are obvious and the ones that are more subtle. The obvious ones you might spot in fast-fashion stores soon, while the subtle ones might stay dormant for a few months until they break out in a big way.
Over 35 shows later, we've found the trends that will be dictating the clothing we wear for the rest of 2019 (and early 2020). Brainstorm with us: Which of these trends resonate with you? Which ones will you be trying out ASAP?
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Medieval Times

The Renaissance Woman, v. 2019. She's a multi-hyphenate capable of doing it all. Botticelli, paint me in one of these puffy sleeved dresses with lace-up corseting.

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Brock Collection
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Candy Leather

Neutral leathers on the runway are the consistent, friendly face we're always overjoyed to see. But the dependable material is getting a colorful upgrade and we're open to trying Fanta grape purps, forest green and much more.

Sies Marjan
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American Gothic

We suddenly feel the urge to listen to My Chemical Romance and shop at Hot Topic.

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Gypsy Sport
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Study Buddies

Feelin' the need for tweed. Whether you're checking out a full set of encyclopedias or studying up on RBG's autobiography, you can do it while wearing head-to-toe houndstooth. The style may be loud, but please keep quiet. Others are studying.

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Brock Collection
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Prabal Gurung
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Neon Carrot

The once-polarizing color is making a big, nutrient-rich splash this season. With a color that makes a statement on its own, the styling can be simple or mixed with other warm colors.

Carolina Herrera
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Christian Cowan
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Oscar de la Renta
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Photo: Imaxtree

Beware: Zebra crossing. Herds are migrating their way through the grasslands of NYC. The print is making appearances on bags and tall boots à la Maryam Nassir Zadeh — but more importantly, it's taking up major real estate on the clothes.

3.1 Phillip Lim
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Proenza Schouler
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Fluff Yeah!

Your loofah made the great escape from your bathroom and found its way to Fashion Week! We can't wait to dress up as a big ol' puff, either through layers of mille-feuille, tulle, organza or a statement ruffle.

Tomo Koizumi
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Sies Marjan
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Marc Jacobs
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Cuddle Up Coats

Last year we had the quilted skirt, and this year designers are kicking up the quilts even more. We're unsure if the inspiration stems from liner jackets, bathrobes, or just the safety and comfort of your own bed.

Rachel Comey
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Prabal Gurung
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Eckhaus Latta
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I Spy...A Spy

She's undercover, mysterious, and wears gloves inconspicuously. In previous seasons, full black leather looks may have said "Welcome to the Matrix", but now it says hop on the back of my motorcycle I have a confidential mission to complete.

Alexander Wang
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Sally LaPointe
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Tom Ford
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