Here's How Much It Costs To Party At Lindsay Lohan's Mykonos Beach Club

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
Last week, MTV premiered its new docuseries Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, which follows the former child star as she expands her Greek club empire with the opening of a new "day club" on the beach in Mykonos. We'll be visiting the club, the official name of which is Lohan Beach House Mykonos, throughout television screens every Tuesday for the next several weeks, but if you don't want the partying to stop when the season is over, you can visit the Lohan Beach House IRL. Ahead, an investigation into how much that would cost. Believe it or not, it's actually kind of affordable.
The beach club is currently closed for the winter season, but once it reopens, visitors will be able to return to its over 200 umbrellas that line the shore of Kalo Livadi beach. Those who reserve one of the club's umbrella-shaded sunbeds or cabanas are free to enjoy water sports, beach volleyball, and dancing to the music that bumps all day long. It's here that you'll see many of your fellow guest doing their own versions of the LeLo, so reservations are a must to get the full Lohan Beach House experience.
According to Trip Advisor reviews, there's a wide range of pricing options available. One user wrote that their VIP sunbed, which was right next to the sea and comfortably served four to six guests, was around $287. If you're not visiting with a group, you can opt for a single sunbed, which according to reviews costs around $17 and comes with a towel and water. To get a single bed closer to the water, you'll have to pay a bit more, around $29. (We reached out to the club to find out the exact prices of various beach spots, including the VIP area, but we've yet to hear back.)
To take full advantage of your sunbed reservations, you'll likely want to spend the whole day at this "day club," which means you'll need a couple meals, and of course, plenty of drinks. The Lohan Beach House has you covered with its restaurant and beach bar, both of which have food menus created by Chef Alsi Sinanaj. At the beach bar, you can treat yourself to a smoothie or a fresh fruit juice for around $11. Snacks like salads, wraps, sandwiches, and ceviche are available starting at around $6 and going to about $25.
After nibbling, you can commit to a more formal sit-down meal at the Lohan Restaurant. Though prices on this menu range widely — appetizers start at around $7 and the most expensive item is a $155 lobster entrée — overall, the food seems reasonably affordable.
In between snacks and your Lohan Restaurant meal, the drinks will be flowing on the beach. Lohan Bach House offers over 10 signature cocktails, and also has a selection of mocktails and special champagne cocktails. All of the signature cocktails are around $17, and the mocktails are about $14.
If you rented one of the most economical sunbeds at $17; took a snack break with an $11 juice and $12 Greek salad; ate a meal of the bruschette with tomato, feta, and olive appetizer for $12, the seafood spaghetti with light wine sauce and cherry tomatoes for $32, and a glass of rosé for $9; and enjoyed three cocktails during the day at $17 each, you'd spend around $144, which isn't actually as expensive as we would have guessed.
Of course, that total comes with making some pretty responsible decisions throughout your day. Given that there are much more expensive menu items, more opulent beach cabanas, flowing booze, a clothing boutique, and a spa, spending a lot more would be quite easy. If you do end up visiting and find yourself tempted to blow through your savings on all the beach house has to offer, just ask Lindsay Lohan for a job as one of her VIP hosts on the next season of her MTV series to cover costs.

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