Everything We Know About Lohan Beach House Mykonos

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After the movie Mamma Mia was released in 2008, the sleepy island of Skopelos was overtaken by a swarm of American tourists. Tourists deliberately went off the beaten path and Mediterranean cruise route to seek out that little white church atop the high hill.
But Mykonos doesn't need a movie musical to turn it into a tourist destination. The Cycladic island is already synonymous with luxury beach clubs by day, wild nightclubs by night, and whitewashed buildings. Now, thanks to MTV's new show Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, Mykonos will also be famous for Lindsay Lohan. See Lohan rising out of the Grecian water like the island's new patron saint.
In the MTV show, Lohan hires a bunch of 20-something Americans — all first-time visitors to Mykonos – to work at her club. If their wide-eyed wonder inspired your next vacation, this is what you need to know before visiting Lohan Beach House Mykonos.
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So: What is Lohan Beach House Mykonos?

As Lohan says during the premiere, Lohan Beach House Mykonosi is a "day club." The party starts during the days. The club is situated along Kalo Livadi beach in southern Mykonos, and offers 200 umbrellas and sunbeds in addition to a dining area and massages.

Essentially, Lohan Beach House is part beach resort....
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Lohan Beach House Mykonos is located on one of the busiest beaches on the island.

Among Mykonos' many beaches, Kalo Livadi boasts especially tranquil and shallow waters. As a result, it's become a hotspot for day clubs. Visitors can hop from Lohan Beach House Mykonos to places like Solymar and Nemo Myoknos.
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There's a reason why Lohan chose this particular beach.

Kalo Livadi beach is the site of a painful memory for Lohan. Back in 2016, Lohan was vacationing in Mykonos with her then-fiancée, Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov. He was filmed assaulting her on that very beach.

In an interview with the New York Times, Lohan describes having a revelation after that moment. “It happened, here in Mykonos, on the beach. And that was the moment where I switched and I was like, ‘I’m going to take control of my life completely, and fire everyone and just rehire them when I’m ready," she said. “And that’s why I’m here today, because it was on that beach where I got hit. I said, ‘You know what? If there’s anything I can do, I’m going to get that beach. It’s going to be my beach.’”
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Lohan is on her way to becoming a Greek club mogul.

Lohan Beach House Mykonos opened in May 2018. By that point, though, Lohan was already a seasoned expert at owning nightlife establishments in Greece. She opened Lohan Nightclub in the bustling Gazi district of Athens in 2016. Lohan Nightclub bills itself as the "sole Athenian mega-club" and a "home to all party lovers." It features an "industrial baroque aesthetic."

There's also Lohan Beach House Rhodes, which distinguishes itself from the Mykonos location by featuring jacuzzis.

Lohan pursued these ventures with Greek millionaire Dennis Papageorgiou. Panos Spentzos, featured in Lindsay Lohan's Beach House, is involved with the other two locations as well.
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What do people think of Lohan Beach House Mykonos?

That's where Trip Advisor comes in. One visitor went as far to say that Lohan Beach House is the "perfect beach bar," another positive review referred to Lohan "queen of our world."

The more negative reviews touch on either the price ("wicked expensive"), the music ("anything but chill"), or the staff (rude) — which is especially interesting, since the premise of Lindsay Lohan's Beach House is Lohan hiring a staff. So, these reviews are ostensibly about some of the people on the TV show.

Generally, though, people seem to like her club — especially the people who saw her shoot promos for the show this summer.
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Lohan Beach House is also the site of an instant meme.

During one of Lohan Beach House's many parties, Lohan was filmed dancing peculiarly in a silver jumpsuit. And so, the Lilo was born. Her dance ended up going viral and inspiring a craze of videos. Even Busy Philipps participated in #DoTheLilo.
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Where can I find a free-range Panos Spentzos?

Panos Spentzos is Lohan's right-hand man at Lohan Beach House. He wrangles the staff in the MTV show. Spentzos has been going to Mykonos long before his involvement with Lohan Beach House began in May 2018. If you lurk around the club enough, you'll find him.

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