Instagram Captions You Can Steal From The Stars To Ring In The New Year

photographed by Meg O'Donnell.
When you pry your bleary, hungover eyes open on January 1, there's no rule saying you need to share words of wisdom with your friends on social media. A photo could say it all for you, as could radio silence. But if everyone did that, we'd have fewer ways to pass the time as we try not to relive whatever embarrassing things happened at last night’s New Year's Eve party.
If coming up with a caption or post on New Year's Day sounds too hard (which is legit), this is where the wonderful world of Celebrity Instagram comes to the rescue again. Not only can we gaze upon the beautiful faces of Mandy Moore, Gabrielle Union, Millie Bobby Brown as we welcome this new year, these stars (or their clever social media managers) make their posts feel weighted with meaning to mark the occasion.
Their creativity is our gain when the first day of 2019 rolls around. Whether we're paralyzed with fear of the future or just so darn tired of 2018, we can use those many New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Instagram posts and tweets from the past to inspire our own. (We can decide to throw shade like Kim Kardashian, or frolic in the sun like Gisele Bundchen. We have options!) Click ahead for the Instagram inspo that will take you into the new year with a bang — or at least a zinger.

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