What Does Netflix's Creepy Sabrina Holiday Special Ending Mean For Part 2?

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Bright solstice, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina friends, especially now that Netflix has given us the witchy drama’s holiday special, “A Midwinter’s Tale.” Like many great Christmas episodes, “Tale” is a standalone delight that doesn’t really affect Sabrina’s greater mythology. Yes, Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) gets a very sweet visit from her late mom Diana Spellman (Annette Reilly), but beyond that, the Christmastime shenanigans of the episode aren’t going to color CAOS' April-premiering part 2.
That is until you get to the special’s final, very chilling, scene. That creepy ending will likely have major ramifications when we check back in on Sabrina in the spring for the back-half of season 1.
The moment in question arrives after “Tale” convinces us all is well in Greendale for our favorite witch family. Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose (Chance Perdomo) is reading A Christmas Carol, Aunties Hilda (Lucy Davis) and Zelda (Miranda Otto) are sipping hot toddies, and even Ambrose’s bizarrely quiet boyfriend Luke (Darren Mann) is wearing his best satin robe. Satan bless them, every one!
The the camera switches from the cozy Spellman abode to Sabrina’s famously haunted mines. Three demonic-looking men are strolling out of said mines and into the forest of Greendale. As we meet Sabrina’s newest demons, we hear Ambrose in voiceover talk about an imminent otherworldly “visitation” for A Christmas Carol's Scrooge. It’s suggested the reformed fictional miser isn’t the only one getting an unwanted supernatural visitation — Sabrina and the rest of Greendale are too.
It is likely the town’s evil new visitors are a twisted version of the Three Wise Men of Christianity. All three are wearing crowns and baring gifts, as the three kings who visit Jesus in the biblical tale do. Only these demons’ crowns are made of hellish bone and their gifts are shrouded in darkness. There is no frankincense and myrrh here.
The demons’ appearance isn’t the only hint “A Midwinter’s Tale” drops connecting them to the Three Wise Men. Right before we meet the supernatural creatures, Aunt Hilda makes a throwaway joke about needing to survive “Witch Epiphany.” Another name for the Christian Epiphany just so happens to be “Three Kings Day” and takes place 12 days after Christmas. If part 2, premiering April 5, picks up mere days after the events of the holiday special, it would make sense for the new demons to heavily factor into whatever Witch Epiphany-adjacent drama Sabrina finds herself in.
No matter what happens in part 2, Sabrina will have to explain what summoned the demons to Greendale in the first place. In the Bible’s story of the three non-demonic wise kings, we learn the men were only drawn to a stable in Bethlehem because of Jesus’ birth. For Sabrina’s twist on the Epiphany to actually track, a similar newborn force has to be drawing these kingly demons to Greendale.
For Sabrina’s narrative sake, there were thankfully two births in part 1 finale “The Witching Hour” that likely piqued these demons’ interest: those of baby Judas (yet another biblical reference) and baby Leticia. It’s important to remember the babies’ dad, Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle), ends part 1 sermonizing that Judas’ birth is proof of Satan’s favor for the Church Of Night’s most misogynistic tendencies. So if CAOS' spin on the Three Wise Men have shown up for anyone, it’s probably Judas.
While we can’t know what the demons will do once they reach Judas — or if they’re somehow coming to support sweet Leticia, curveball — we do at least know two of their three names. If you look closely at the credits, two unheard of characters are listed as guests stars: Asmodeus (John Murphy) and Purson (Donald Seales). No one who looks like either of those performers or goes by those character names appears in “Tale” prior to the episode-ending scene. So, thanks to the process of elimination, they must be our new mysterious demons.
Everyone, meet Asmodeus and Purson. They’re going to make Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2 very regal and very spooky.
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