Every Question You Have After Netflix's Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Finale, Answered

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina part 1 finale.
When asked how to describe the on-set vibe while filming Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina's part 1not season 1 — finale, “The Witching Hour,” Nicholas Scratch’s portrayer Gavin Leatherwood could only think of one word: “Crazy.” That’s no surprise, as Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) ends her first streaming chapter by eviscerating the souls of 13 powerful witches, going full witch (and full platinum blonde) by signing the Book Of The Beast at last, and seemingly leaving her beloved mortal world behind in favor of The Academy Of Unseen Arts.
The episode suggests additional major changes are ahead for Sabrina as “Miss Wardwell,” who has been possessed by the mother of demons Madam Satan all season, reveals why she has been working so hard to get Sabrina on the path of night. Madam Satan, original wife of Adam-turned-the devil’s right-hand woman, has tired of being Satan’s foot soldier since the beginning of time and would much rather be his queen. Now, Madam Satan hopes Sabrina can take her place doing Lucifer’s dirty work as she ascends the underworld’s throne.
All together, “Witching Hour” is filled with a lot of hints towards Sabrina’s future. But, to understand it all, you simply have to look at the part 1 finale as the teen witch’s transition from the half-witch, half-mortal girl fans come to love over 10 episodes, to an incredibly powerful witch.
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“If you were presented this option to take all the powers in the world, but leave behind the ones that you love, would you do it? And if so, what would you do with that power?,” Sabrina bad boy warlock Gavin Leatherwood told Refinery29 of the question you should be asking when “Witching Hour” wraps.

Seeing her walk with the witches, it’s very symbolic of, ‘Yes, here I am. I’m embracing this part of me.’

Gavin Leatherwood
While Sabrina does use those full witch powers to save her town, there is an obvious level of new, extremely real, darkness there. The witch doesn’t merely banish the Greendale 13, who came back from the dead to murder the firstborn children of Greendale’s mortal and witch population alike (which, in itself, is a Madam Satan plot to force Sabrina into signing the devil's book). Sabrina summons literal hell flame to obliterate the 13 witches’ souls forever. Then, in the last scene of part 1, we see Sabrina rolling with the often villainous Weird Sisters (Tati Gabrielle, Adeline Rudolph, and Abigail F. Cowen). To signal her allegiance to the group, Sabrina is even wearing the Sisters' signature goth skater dresses. Leatherwood’s Nick looks terrified. Sabrina, however, winks.
“Seeing her walk with the witches, it’s very symbolic of, ‘Yes, here I am. I’m embracing this part of me.’ How Nick sees it is like, ‘Oh, shit,’” Leatherwood said. “There is probably an element of fear behind his eyes where it’s like, he know the Weird Sisters very well and is a little leery of whether or not that’s a good group to hang out with. But also [there is] a really strong sense of excitement for him as far as Sabrina is embracing that side of herself.”
All signs do point to a newly single Sabrina “embracing” her new witchhood, from her mortal ex-boyfriend Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch) admitting Sabrina had “changed,” to the witch’s Weird Sisters team-up in the final seconds of “Witching Hour.” Does that mean she’ll also be embracing the free-wheeling sexy attitudes of witch-kind (never forget the “Feast Of Feasts” orgy in the Spellman attic) with a little help from love interest Nick? It certainly sounds possible.
“There’s so much that is unexplored in Sabrina’s witch side that Harvey can’t give her. He’s of the mortal world, and Nick introduces this new perspective [for Sabrina],” Leatherwood said, adding that Nick’s natural inclinations are towards passion, lust, and the dark arts. As we see in “Witching Hour,” the young witch has already embraced the latter quality; it’s difficult to imagine the other two are far behind.
Especially since Sabrina also offers Nick some horizon broadening.
“She’s bringing in something that is so new to Nick and so foreign: that quality from the mortal world, which is love.” Leatherwood continued about his character, the third member of the Harvey-Sabrina-Nick love triangle. “That’s something he isn’t familiar with yet — he’s learning it. And Nick’s learning it because Sabrina is leading by example. It’s definitely a new concept to him, but it’s one he absolutely wants to explore.”
The other loose thread left to explore is Sabrina’s future as Satan’s next emissary on Earth, or, as Madam Satan’s raven Stolas suggests, Satan’s next queen. Throughout Sabrina part 1, “Miss Wardwell” often speaks of an “apocalyptic” prophecy from the devil, which Sabrina fits into. That’s why Madam Satan tricks the teenager into doing everything from performing an exorcism on a mortal to raising Tommy Kinkle (Justin Dobies) from the dead and traveling to limbo in an attempt to retrieve his soul. It was all part of “the Dark Lord’s grand design,” as Madam Satan says during “An Exorcism In Greendale.”
While the well-dressed villain has finally gotten Sabrina firmly on the path of night by part 1's close, it sounds like she’s not done pulling Sabrina's darkest strings. “She’s so charming and so twisted at the same time,” Leatherwood said of the secret baddie. “It’s intriguing to see how [Madam Satan] befriends Sabrina and manipulates her, and it’s something that continues to develop. It’s really, really fun.”
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