Character Arch: Ally's Brows Play A Major Role In A Star Is Born

Photo: Clay Enos/Warner Bros.
Although the Academy Awards aren't until next year (seriously, the show doesn't air until February 2019), plenty of film critics and cinephiles are already predicting which movies (and respective actors) will rake in the most ballots. While it's no surprise that A Star Is Born's Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga continue to be main topics of conversation in Oscars-buzzing circles, there's one more name we think deserves recognition by this year's Academy — and, no, we don't mean Charlie, the labradoodle that stole our hearts. We're talking about Lady Gaga's eyebrows.
To be more specific, we're talking about Ally's eyebrows. If you already saw the film, you know that the struggling singer with hidden potential has a set of eyebrows that support her almost as much as big brother Bobby (played by Sam Elliott) supports Jackson Maine. Although it's clear that the movie puts emphasis on her stick-thin drag arches (they appear in several different scenes), it's not quite as clear exactly why (we have a similar curiosity about Ally's nose, but that's another story). Turns out, Cooper fit as many Easter eggs as possible into his 2-hour directorial debut and, according to Vanity Fair, one of the biggest hidden gems is those eyebrows.
Read on to learn the full backstory of the brows that play a role in every iteration of the A Star Is Born film.
Warning: This story contains spoilers for A Star Is Born.

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