18 Things You Didn't Know About A Star Is Born, But Need To

Step One of joining the A Star Is Born fandom: Go see the movie in theaters, then immediately check when you can see it in theaters again. Step Two: Earnestly attempt Lady Gaga's elongated "ah-ha-ha" in "Shallow." Step Three: Absorb all available Star Is Born facts, with which you will pelt your friends long after their patience expires.
That's where we come in. When falling in love with a movie, you want to know everything about it. Luckily, the creation of A Star Is Born — the fourth version of A Star Is Born, in fact – is full of lore and connection to past iterations, meaning that you could easily spend hours on the internet and not find them all.
To jumpstart your journey, we've gathered some of the best trivia from the movie right here. Let's crash through the surface of A Star Is Born. They can't hurt us here.

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