A New Way To Get Every Designer Bag You've Ever Wanted

Photo: Courtesy of Rebag.
If you, like me, grew up watching fashion movies like The Devil Wears Prada, Clueless, and 13 Going on 30, you've probably daydreamed of having every designer bag you've ever eyed at the drop of a hat (I have definitely dreamed up a few epic closet montages in my head). And while there's undoubtedly something exciting about saving up to buy your first investment handbag, we're living in a time when fashion and trends move more quickly than ever. While it may sound ridiculous, our minds have become wired to want more, newer, faster. And one shopping site is taking that shift to heart.
Similar to eBay or The RealReal, Rebag launched last year with the hopes of disrupting how we buy luxury handbags through its instantaneous selling and legitimized authentication process (which means if you sell your unwanted bags to them, you could get paid as quickly as one to two days — or even day-of, in store, as opposed for waiting for a consignment payment). Now, about a year after launching, Rebag is continuing to shake things up with Rebag Infinity, a new concept that allows customers to refresh their bag-game on the regular. Here's how it works: Purchase a bag, carry it for up to six months, exchange it for Rebag Credit worth at least 70% of its original purchase price, and put the credit towards a new bag.
“Rebag Infinity was designed to provide endless access to luxury bags," Charles Gorra, Rebag's CEO and founder, tells Refinery29. "Trends move faster than ever, but it's hard for customers to keep up. We wanted to create a framework where luxury lovers can infinitely splurge, while keeping their investments under control. Through Rebag Infinity, we provide a risk-less way to shop as the exchange value is already pre-set. Therefore, it will encourage customers to acquire a wider variety of handbags and exchange them on shorter timescales. Rebag Infinity is part of a broader set of innovations that we will release in order to redefine ownership for luxury goods.”
Essentially, Rebag knows that as much as we want to buy new items, we also want to minimize our consumption and be financially responsible — and Rebag Infinity allows the best of both worlds. If you ask us, that's the future of shopping as we know it. And if that includes endless designer bags, well, that doesn't sound half bad.

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