An Astrologer Explains Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's "Karmic Connection"

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's current (as in, to the exact minute) relationship status is top of mind for anyone with a passion for celebrity gossip. Whether they're engaged or already married, luxuriating in Italy or contentedly sipping juice in Williamsburg, we need to know everything right this moment.
As of right now, it appears as though Bieber and Baldwin are happily engaged but not yet wed. It's probably only a matter of time before they do officially tie the knot, but we're in a bit of a holding pattern until their supposed marriage license expires. Luckily, there's still plenty to speculate over in regards to their relationship, including what the stars have to say about their very public (yet still mysterious) union. We spoke with astrologer Amy Tripp about what Bieber and Baldwin's respective birth charts reveal about their compatibility as a couple.
Upon comparing their birth charts, Tripp immediately notices that Baldwin's sun and Bieber's north node, or the point on his chart that indicates his destiny and life path, are extremely close to each other on the Wheel of Zodiac. "This shows an instant connection and friendship between them," she explains, adding that, not only does it suggest that Bieber may be naturally drawn to many of Baldwin's traits, but that he may wish to emulate them in his own behavior, too. "She motivates and encourages him," Tripp says. "[This combination] is considered a karmic connection, where growth is inevitable and both partners can bring out the best in each other."
Tripp points out another conjunct aspect between their charts: Baldwin's Venus and Bieber's moon, both of which are located in Libra. She says this suggests that they find it easy to show affection for each other and they may even be especially well-fit to live together. Plus, the lucky aspect between Baldwin's Venus and Bieber's Mars indicates a natural, if not instant chemistry between the pair. Since the moon, Venus, and Mars are all associated with romance, attraction, and love, these harmonious aspects suggest that Baldwin and Bieber have a satisfying emotional and physical connection.
If you ask us, that sounds like a major stamp of astrological approval. But, looking elsewhere in their charts, Tripp finds a few less-than-fortuitous features.
Bieber's sun in Pisces is directly opposite Baldwin's Mars, which is in Virgo, suggesting a certain amount of impulsivity in their relationship. While this could simply mean that they're passionate when it comes to their love, Tripp says it could also indicate potential difficulties and disagreements between them. When conflicts crop up, as they do for just about every couple, Bieber and Baldwin will have to remember to be patient with each other.
One other possible red flag that jumps out at Tripp is the aspect, known as a square, between Baldwin's sun and Bieber's Saturn. She says it may take a while for this planetary tension to play out in their everyday lives, but when it does, it could affect how they each view commitment and responsibility within their relationship.
Despite these more difficult aspects, Tripp believes that the good weighs out the bad in Bieber and Baldwin's charts. "They both genuinely like and feel comforted by each other, plus their sexual chemistry is strong," she says, adding that their charts seemingly allude to a dynamic that's common across young couples: "Growth is the purpose of this relationship."

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