8 New-Age Wallets That Pull Double-Duty

Photographed by Francena Ottley
Your first wallet is unforgettable. Mine was velcro and I stole it from my American Girl doll. I would open it at least five times every hour (for the crackling sound), and whenever my mom opened hers to actually pay for something. It was filled with a lonely Dairy Queen loyalty card, but it came everywhere with me. It was a catastrophe once I eventually lost it, a heartbreak that comes with losing a wallet with actually important things like your credit cards, driver's license, love notes. But for something that gets almost as much use as your phone and one of the things you should never leave the house without, wallets are often overlooked as an accessory to invest in.
Wallets are immune to the rise and fall of trends. But with the growing popularity of paying for everything on your phone, wallets are evolving into something more —now they double as an iPhone case or attach to the strap of a larger bag. These days, forgetting your wallet is no longer a totally cataclysmic event, because odds are you're less likely to forget one that pulls double-duty.
Ahead, find the new-age wallets that are just as practical as your old one, but look way cooler.