Becca Kufrin Would Love To Go To Arie & Lauren's Wedding

Photo: Courtesy of Craig Sjodin/ABC.
Though for some of us the wound is fresh, it sounds like Bachelorette-to-be Becca Kufrin has fully healed from having Arie Luyendyk Jr. stomp on her heart and her pride on national TV. Turns out, it was nothing dating a couple dozen even more charming dudes couldn't fix. Or, that's what Kufrin's media handlers are telling her to tell us, anyway. She says she'd even attend Luyendyk's wedding to Lauren Burnham in Maui next January.
"I don’t know if they’d invite me," she said in a media conference call, according to People. "But, yeah, if they would want me there, I would want to share in their love because I truly do wish them nothing but happiness."
Whuuuut? Kufrin means that she would want to go there and cause some kind of mild but embarrassing food poisoning incident on the party, right? Or, plant a stink bomb to go off during the ceremony while she is conveniently in the ladies room?
This gracious statement is even after Luyendyk nixed the idea of inviting her — jokingly or not — back in March. "And just tell Becca she’s not invited," he told reporters after Burnham suggested they'd invite their Bachelor friends. Ick.
Kufrin has been all class and strength in this situation. She told Ellen DeGeneres that rewatching the season helped her "realize he just found a better fit with Lauren."
Would she have come to that realization had she not gone straight to shooting The Bachelorette? Probably. Eventually. Those cameras sure do help speed that process along, though.
Kufrin — and her Bachelorette puppet-masters — would have us believe that Luyendyk is nothing but old news, so why not be gracious about his wedding? Now, she's engaged to someone else, and dreams really do come true. Sometimes. Eventually.

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