I Tested $130 Worth Of Black Eyeliners — & The Cheapest Pick Won

My checklist for eyeliner often feels more exhaustive than the one I have for a partner: Will you stick with me through all my tears? Will you run when I'm having a meltdown? Do you promise you won't go anywhere after we spend more time together? Really?
Scrupulous as it may be (especially considering how I also want my liner packed with jet-black pigment and easily applied with razor-sharp precision), I don't believe in settling. So I decided to test out six different tubes — through thunderstorms, late nights, and more — to find the formulas that live up to all of their promises. All my experiences were fully documented with a bunch of closed-eyes selfies (which is a lot harder than you'd think!) so you can really see each product's wear.
Click through to find out the surprising pick that beat out the rest of the competition.
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