Someone Is Graffitiing "Fork" Around Windsor Castle Days Before The Royal Wedding

The royal wedding just got even more forking interesting. It seems someone is spray painting the word "fork" on everything before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot on Saturday. Elle reported that the graffiti is seriously stressing people out and that the police are looking to catch this culinary artist before the big day. "This graffiti has become a thorough nuisance and we are working hard with police to ensure our borough is clean and pleasant for the wedding," a Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead spokesperson stated. It's believed it's two teenagers marking up Windsor, but we think the culprit is just a really big fan of The Good Place.
Here's why: On the NBC comedy, Kristen Bell's character, Eleanor Shellstrop has gone to the afterlife and somehow made it to the good place. No surprise, this delightful utopia filled with punny named fro-yo shops as far as the eye can see doesn't like a potty mouth, which means no cursing. Like, at all.
No matter how hard Eleanor tries, she just can't say the F-word, but she can say "fork." In fact, in the promo for season 1 of The Good Place, after Eleanor realizes someone in charge made a mistake, she says that "someone royally forked up." Just like this graffiti artist.
That's why we believe this artist is making a statement. They could be against the royal union of Markle and Prince Harry, or maybe, they just want the fork to get the accolades it deserves for being the most important kitchen utensil. But perhaps, more likely, they just wish The Good Place was back on the air. After all, its total bull shirt that NBC has renewed the series for season 3, but hasn't announced when that season will actually air yet. We'd love to hear Tahani's feelings about the network's etiquette and her thoughts on Prince Harry's relationship with Markle, too. You know she's got some.
But, let's be honest, this fork graffiti is nowhere near as bizarre as Markle's dad staging photos for the paparazzi. We're sad to hear that Thomas Markle wasn't getting ready for his daughter's wedding by reading a book on England or getting his suit tailored in public. But, really, we're even sadder to hear Markle's dad will no longer be attending her wedding after reportedly suffering a heart attack.  That's pretty forking disappointing.

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