Jameela Jamil & Kristen Bell Are A-Okay With Your Good Place Erotica

Photo: Courtesy Colleen Hayes/NBC.
Jameela Jamil, star of NBC's The Good Place, is perfectly comfortable with the fan fiction being written about her character. She plays Tahani, a fastidious British socialite with a morally questionable past. (This is why she's in the Good Place, which, as we discovered at the end of season one, is actually the Bad Place. Keep up!) The Good Place fans 'ship Tahani and Eleanor, the lead character played by Kristen Bell.
"I love the fact that she and Eleanor have this friendship and they kinda form a rivalry. If anything, it's kind of a sexual tension that fans seem to have picked up on between me and Eleanor," Jamil told GQ. "I've been getting erotic fan fiction written about me... I just love that all of them start with the same thing, which is that we always high-five and then our fingers clasp together and then with her other hand she starts playing with my hair."
She added that Bell is also a fan of the fan fiction, which Refinery29 can confirm certainly exists. (In one piece, fictional Tahani tells Eleanor, "Just because we're not soulmates, doesn't mean we can't have a little fun.") The gist of the fiction is that Tahani and Eleanor sort of hate each other, but also sort of want to bone. Which, incidentally, is the inspiration for a lot of great fan fiction.
Fan fiction about herself is a new experience for Jamil, who is actually new to acting. Previously, she was a television host in the United Kingdom. Her work on The Good Place is her first time playing a fictional character. Luckily, Ted Danson, who stars in the show, eased the pressure.
"All I remember is that Ted was amazing. He kept pretending to fart on me, just to make me less nervous," said Jamil.
A query: Is there such a thing as Fart Fiction?
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