Chrissy Teigen's Baby Shower Food Was Basic But Flawless

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend celebrated the impending birth of their second baby with a surprise shower surrounded by their close friends thrown for them by none other than Kim Kardashian. It may have been a surprise party, but our biggest surprise – given that Teigen has a number of cookbooks – was the food. It was catered by Shake Shack. Kardashian kept the menu simple, but it was a perfect example of not needing to mess with a good thing.
Whether you are a Shake Shack fan or are more loyal to In-N-Out, you have to admit, spending the evening with great friends – and great food! – is the best way to celebrate.
Celebrating alongside her husband, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Kris Jenner, and celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin, Teigen’s baby shower included five cakes! It gets better. Each cake was decorated with a punny message. One read “a legend in the making” while another was inscribed with the word “legendary.” I’ll admit, I do love a good pun. Almost as much as I love cake. To top it off, there was a feast of Shake Shack burgers and milkshakes. Given the Kardashian’s affinity for In-N-Out, I’m surprised they didn’t order in from the regional burger joint instead. Overall, it looked like a laidback evening. What’s better than burgers with your close friends? We all know that Kim can throw an elaborate party with the best of them, but sometimes the best parties don’t have catering.
It seems that Legend and West were able to set aside their differences and enjoy the evening. If your mouths are full of delicious, comfort food, you can’t really talk about politics. Burgers and milkshakes just have a way of doing that. Thanks to social media, it feels like we were there. Much of the baby shower was shared online by Teigen and her guests. Unfortunately, while social media can make it feel like you were there, technology has not yet advanced far enough to be able to share food via Instagram Stories.
Teigen and Legend first shared the happy news in November of last year when they announced that they would be having a baby boy with an adorable video featuring their first child, Luna. Cookbook author and model, Teigen has spoken publicly in the past about wanting to have a large family. “I cannot wait to have the biggest family,” she shared with E! in an interview last July. She also spoke with InStyle last year about she and her husband wanting to have another child through IVF.
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