Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Are Officially Trying For A Second Child

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are hoping to add another child to their family.
In a new interview for InStyle's November issue, Teigen opened up about the couple's plans to have another child through IVF. The model and cookbook author told writer Christopher Bagley that she plans to have a frozen embryo implanted in her uterus within the next few months.
Bagley explains that during their interview, Teigen revealed that she regrets not extracting more of her eggs when she underwent fertility treatments several years ago. The couple had 20 embryos, she explained to InStyle, three of which were ones that "you know are going to be good for your body."
"The first little girl didn't work, and then the second is Luna," Teigen told Bagley. The third embryo is the one she and Legend will use when they try for a second child. Given comments Teigen made earlier this year, it's likely that if they have a second child, it will be male. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Teigen told Giuliana Rancic that "a little boy is next for sure."
Teigen also talked about her postpartum depression struggle during the interview. "I thought I was just being a selfish a—hole," Teigen told Bagley of her experience. "It wasn't just a mental thing of, you know, 'I'm sad' ... I actually couldn't move."
As is her signature style, Teigen didn't sugar coat things when talking about postpartum depression, either.
"I have really good days and really bad days, and I don't tend to talk about the really bad days," Teigen told Bagley. "But I would hate for people to think those days didn't exist."
If you are experiencing postpartum depression, please call the Postpartum Support Helpline.
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