The Summer Hair Color Trends You're About To See Everywhere

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Meteorologists know that just because the calendar claims that summer is upon us, doesn't necessarily mean the weather will follow suit — and the same rule applies to this season's hair color trends. Even after what felt like 273 brutal days of winter this year, the accompanying bright, sun-kissed highlights that tend to come next are being traded in for something a little... warmer.
What can you expect? Moroccanoil celebrity colorist Lorri Goddard says the color forecast is, well, autumnal: Earthy tones (like copper, amber, and gold), subtle dimension, and whispers of creamy color that peek through when the sun (eventually) shines. "I don't want to say that ash has had its day, but we're seeing a huge shift in soft, warmer hues that emanate nature," she says.
Ahead, Goddard walks us through the hair color you're about to see everywhere.
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Color Trend: Copper

"There are feelings of copper," explains Goddard. "You don't have to jump in completely. If you're brunette, maybe you introduce ribbons or swirls of the shade through your hair to experiment. Or, if you're blond, you can start with subtle hints of strawberry." The perfect example of the perfect kiss of copper color? Lucy Hale.
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Goddard is responsible for Emmy Rossum's color here, which is equal parts subtle and striking. "We added some copper pieces on her [ends] that are really beautiful, but still believable on her naturally curly hair," she says.
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Colorist Cherin Choi crafted this look (and the main image for this story) by brightening her clients' base colors with well-blended pops of warmth.
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Vernon François created this dreamy, grown-out look on Eve using a shiny, bold take on copper.
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To yield the most natural-looking results, Goddard suggests asking your colorist for babylights. "That's all about subtlety, and working a variety of hues into the hair in small, finer pieces," she says.
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Why risk major damage with all-over bleach when a touch of copper can have major impact?
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Colorist Kari Hill added a touch of copper to her client's fringe and face-framing sections for one of the coolest takes we've seen.
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Even a hint of this color goes a long way, like you can see here with Lily Aldridge's subtle copper ombré.
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The only thing better than *NSYNC getting their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday: Jessica Biel's copper-blonde hair color that also made an appearance.
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Color Trend: Strawberry Blond

The strawberry blond look that's trending now isn't your average peach or rose gold hue. Like Paris Jackson's hair, it has warmth weaved in. "Instead of doing a neon version, take the tone down a bit to be a hint of strawberry," Goddard says. "That's going to be everyone's best skin-enhancer."
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You might call it cream soda hair, but we call Gigi Hadid's warm highlights the perfect first step to achieving something with more depth, like a strawberry-spiked blond.
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Strategically placed pops of pink can also take your standard golden color to the next level.
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Color Trend: Amber

Not too red, but not too blond — these amber-toned highlights are rich, flattering, and glossy. "If you have a darker skin tone, start with a gorgeous copper base, then enhance with a deep amber tone," Goddard says.
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What's ultra-flattering and amber all over? This rad color done by celeb colorist Marcia Hamilton.
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Fun fact: Balayage works for amber tones, too.
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The key to keeping a soft, amber highlight as natural as possible? "Keep the color soft around the scalp, then intensify it on the ends," Goddard says.
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Pro tip: You can warm up grown-out highlights with this trending shade.

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