Rose-Brown Is The Perfect Spring Hair-Color Trend For Brunettes

Photo: Via @hairby_teee
We've still got a couple months to go before rosé season is officially in full swing, but until the forecast calls for 80 degrees and sunny, this similarly rosy hair-color trend may be enough to hold us over in the meantime. Rose-brown hair, pioneered by Australian stylist Thi Thao Tu, is this season's brunette-approved look, whether it's honey brown or rich chocolate you're currently working with.
A touch of rose-brown balayage can elevate your natural color to a more multidimensional finish, with the undertones acting like your favorite highlighter by adding a warm pink glow to darker hair. That said, according to beloved London-based colorist Josh Wood, the tint does work best on browns that aren't too dark, because the darker the base color, the less rosiness you'll see — but all is not lost for the naturally raven-haired.
"What I do often on very dark bases is add a little balayage to the ends of the hair to make them look weathered, then add the rose or smoky tone over the top, so you see more of it," Wood explains. "These colors work really well on browns that tend to go orange or red, as the cool rose tone helps to neutralize any unwanted undertones."
Although your ends only need to be lifted a few levels lighter to hold the rose tint, proper aftercare is essential for preserving the color and keeping split ends at bay. "These tones don't last forever, because they're just laying on the surface of the hair shaft, so caring for them is a must," Wood says. He recommends using a color-safe hydrating mask once a week to seal in the color, as well as shampoo and conditioner specifically made for preserving brunette tones.
A little balayage, a solid at-home care routine, and there you have it: the perfect spring hair-color refresh for brunettes. And people say blondes have all the fun. Ahead, all the visual inspiration you need to make your rose-brown happen this season...

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