These Pictures Will Make You Yearn For Rose-Brown Hair

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Rose brown hair is this season’s brunette-approved trend. First introduced by Australian stylist Thi Thao Tu, the rose undertone acts like your favourite highlighter by adding a warm pink glow to the hair. Rose brown balayage can elevate your natural colour to a more multi-dimensional look.
Whether you have a honey brown or a rich chocolate 'do, a pastel tint is totally achievable. London-based hairstylist and colour supremo Josh Wood says, “It works best on browns that aren’t too dark, as the darker the base colour the less of the tone you will see. What I do often on very dark bases is add a little balayage to the ends of the hair to make them look weathered, then add the rose or smokey tone over the top - then you see some of the tone. These colours work really well on browns that tend to go orange or red as the cool rose tone helps to neutralise any unwanted undertones.”
Although your ends only need to be lifted a few levels lighter to hold the rose tint, proper aftercare is essential for preserving the colour and keeping split ends at bay. Wood continues, “These tones don’t last for ever as they are just generally laying on the surface of the hair shaft, so caring for them is a must. I recommend using Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask once a week which will help to hydrate and seal in the colour. Also using a specific shampoo and conditioner that is shade matched really helps, so I created the Radiating Shampoo and Conditioner for brunette hair that contains advanced UV filters to prevent fade, plus saffron and turmeric to keep brunette hair glossy and vibrant.”
So there you have it, a spring refresh for brunettes - and people say blondes have all the fun?
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The image that started it all from Sefton, Australia by stylist Thi Thao Tu.
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"The rose brown and smoky brunette trends we have seen a lot of are all a play on the tone of a brunette," Josh Wood.
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The rose brown highlights makes these curls look extra lush.
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Pastel locks aren't only for straight hair, we love this bouncy muted rose afro.
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Lighter browns are suited to this sun-kissed peachy balayage.
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We love the variety of this colour, you can go from a muted peach to rich aubergine.
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Deep pink ends are the compliment the skin-tone and makeup beautifully.
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We love how the rose pink tint reflects light, making the hair look shiny and radiant.
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Rose brown is officially approved by beauty guru Michelle Phan.
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Pinky brown highlights enhance the texture of this bouncy bob.
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Pink undertones are the perfect compliment for warmer ginger browns.
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Rose brown looks great at any length, especially on this wavy pixie bob.
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Try this look for a subtle colour refresh.
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For darker browns, these sisters are twinning with scarlet tipped curls.

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