If You Thought Chris Evans Was Bae, Wait Until You Meet His Brother

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Epic superhero crossover flick Avengers: Infinity War is the only thing some people want to talk about, and while it's very exciting awaiting spoilers about the fate of Chris Evans' Captain America, there's someone else tangentially related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe we need to discuss. That person is Chris Evans' brother Scott Evans, and honestly, he deserves a movie franchise simply for being himself.
Scott is also an actor, and has appeared on shows like Daytime Divas and Grace and Frankie. On Monday, he joined Chris on Late Night With Seth Meyers, in which the brothers (one, of whom, was rocking quite the interesting mustache) competed in a family-related game. This one was titled "How Well Do You Know Your Brother?" Fortunately, fans at home got to learn a lot more about the superhero's bro as Chris was quizzed on all things Scott related.
And boy, did we get our fill on Scott content! His favorite book is Where the Red Fern Grows, which he did a book report on in fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, which means he is the most loyal. His first kiss was with some lucky gal named Emily Benton, "in the bushes" somewhere called Papa Gino's. Chris split open his stitches with a paperback copy of Peter Pan! Scott divulges all this info (potentially embarrassing but definitely adorable) info with that easy, breezy, Evans charm.
Honestly, while we were all busy trying to figure out our favorite Chris, we really should have seen what was obvious all along: Scott is, far and away, our favorite of all Scotts, everywhere.
Check out the video below:
Another Evans we're stanning for? Chris and Scott's mother, who saw Love, Simon and sent Scott, who is gay, this very sweet text. (Try not to cry.)
Let's make sure the next Marvel crossover has all the Evans in one place.

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