Chris Pratt Is Just Like That Other Hollywood Chris

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If there's one thing that Hollywood's cup is overrun with, it's hot people named Chris who just so happen to star in superhero movies. There's Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel Universe. Chris Pine, who wooed Wonder Woman in, well, Wonder Woman. Also Chris Evans, the Golden Boy of the Avengers. And, of course, there's everyone's favorite Star-Lord, Chris Pratt, who just discovered that he's actually a lot more like Captain America star Evans than he ever realized.
The Guardians of the Galaxy actor, who will next star in Avengers: Infinity War opposite his pal Evans, was just informed by internet quiz "Are You Chris, Chris, Chris, Or Chris?" that he's the most like the real-life Steve Rogers. The weirdest part, of course, is that Pratt was an option on the quiz, so...take that as you will.
"Dude I suck at quizzes," wrote the former Parks & Recreation actor of the befuddling results.
To make the whole thing even more hilarious, the results insisted that there was "no bad news" to being assigned Chris Evans...which might be true, if you weren't another one of the results, slowly losing your identity to an online quiz.
Of course, Evans couldn't help but get in on the joke.
"What do you mean? You aced it," wrote the Gifted star, who also reached out to Pratt on Twitter earlier this year to wax poetic about Anna Faris' movie Just Friends.
Pratt may be most like his Infinity War co-star, but fans love him when he's being entirely himself. That includes posting videos of his healthy eating habits in a hilarious Instagram segment he titled "What's My Snack?" Sometimes, he raps about carrot cake muffins.
Fortunately for Pratt, this Chris quiz is like the SATs: You can totally keep retaking it until you like your results.

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