Chris Pratt Rapped About His Carrot Cake Muffin & We Were Not Worthy

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A great thing about being a celebrity? Having the means to have a meal delivery service provide you with healthy, nutritious food you don't have to spend hours prepping on a Sunday night. The worst? The fact that you can be contractually obligated to whittle down for roles — like, say, that of a raptor wrangler in Jurassic World 2.
World's most lovable movie star, Chris Pratt, knows that life well, and while he may not be hitting the Cheesecake Factory with Drake anytime soon, he certainly knows how to make a healthy meal all the more fun.
Enter the former Parks & Recreation star's Instagram video segment "What's My Snack?," in which Pratt celebrates the pre-packaged items he's allowed to munch on while on set for the Jurassic World sequel. Previous snacks have included a plate of sashimi (which he gave an A+, though also referred to it as "cat food"), a cucumber and egg wrap, and something called "cacao baobab banana chia," which sounds...complicated.
This week, however, "What's My Snack?" included an adorable little rap in celebration of what sounds like a fairly tolerable treat: a carrot cake muffin! As someone who loves carrot cake in all its forms, I would very much like it to be included in my action movie diet, though I have a feeling that it tastes nothing like Craig's Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake, a.k.a. a Cheesecake Factory delicacy.
In his Instagram caption, Pratt implored his followers to eat better than he was — especially since some brands of snack food are currently repping Pratt's other action franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy:
"If your body gets so hungry you start eating your own brain matter for energy, keep going! You're almost there! It means the love handles are next! And then you will be complete. You will have arrived at the destination. And forever you will be happy. Just kidding. Don't do it. Not worth it. Go get some Doritos or Skittles. Both of which have Starlord's face on them right now!!!"
Stay strong, Pratt. You got this.

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