Chris Pratt Celebrates His "Cut-Ass Butt Cheeks"

Let's call a spade a spade: Diets are not the most fun thing ever. Unless, you know, they happen to involve Chris Pratt, and you're not the one having to eat this flavorless mush.
The actor has been training ahead of reprising his role in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, and it's all been very entertaining. Pratt's documented his struggle in the "What's My Snack" web series, tackling debates about eating cake and hilariously fielding comments that he looks "skeletal."
If that didn't convince you that he won't be body-shamed, consider his latest "What's My Snack" post. You can mock his body all you want (though why would you?), but Pratt is feeling himself.
"Like I always said, eating is no longer the fun part, flexing my butt cheeks in the mirror is," the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star told fans after dissing his boring low-calorie diet. "Cause no dimples. No rolls. Just cut-ass butt cheeks. LIVE WITH IT!!!"
It's good he feels that way, because we can think of a million things we'd rather eat than his eggs wrapped in strips of cucumber.
"Today I got cucumber and egg wrap," he shared. "It's basically exactly like a sandwich but instead of bread you use thinly sliced cucumbers and instead of meat you use sprouts and chopped up eggs and instead of flavor you get nutrition."
The accompanying video shows him faking enthusiasm for the healthy snack, though he couldn't resist calling it "gross" when the cucumber began to unravel.
"This is a relatively inexpensive snack," he told viewers after feasting on his 280-calorie treat. "It tastes good. My life is terrible — I mean, it's easy to make."
Yeah, we'll stick with literally anything else. We salute his efforts, however, and look forward to his next update. Fingers crossed it's video footage of this butt flexing.

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