A Starving Chris Pratt Avoiding Cake Doesn't Go So Well…For The Cake

Did you know Chris Pratt has a "web series"? It's called "What's My Snack, " it's on Instagram, and episodes come out...well, whenever he wants a snack. It's a simple conceit for a sometimes not-so-simple routine, like last night when he decided to have a little extra snack in the evening even though he wasn't supposed to.
To keep healthy, Pratt delegates one snack for each day. He captures them in short videos, accompanied by classic Chris Pratt commentary. However, on Thursday night he found himself super hungry, and wasn't sure whether or not he should eat tomorrow's snack, a piece of olive oil pistachio cake, early.

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"Honestly it's pretty late," the video begins, the actor speaking in a whisper. "And I'm so hungry. It's 10:53 PM and I should go to bed, but instead I'm maybe going to eat my snack for tomorrow."
He pans the camera to the snack. "Ooh, it's an olive oil pistachio cake!" he exclaimed. "I'm supposed to eat that tomorrow, not today."
You can practically hear the wheels turning in his head as he decides whether or not it's worth it.
"What if I only eat half," he said as he nibbled on little pieces. But he couldn't stop. One little taste lead to a domino effect, and before he knew it...
"I want it all," he said, ravaging the rest of the container except for one tiny crumb.
"I'll save just a little bit for tomorrow!" he promised, putting the container away along with the morsel.
This eating regime probably has something to do with the fact that he has three pretty big action movies ahead, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Avengers: Infinity War, and the Jurassic World Sequel.
That's a lot of hard work, but hopefully that also means there's a lot of olive oil pistachio cake in his future as well.

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