Mandy Moore Had A Cult-Themed Girls' Weekend

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images.
If you haven't fallen down the Wild, Wild Country rabbit hole yet, you probably can't party with Mandy Moore. The This Is Us star is so into the Netflix documentary series that her latest girls' trip was inspired by Rajneeshpuram, the controversial cult at the center of it.
For the uninitiated, Wild, Wild Country tells the story of an Oregon ranch-based community made up of followers of spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Though many within the cult swore that living on this ranch was a positive experience, Rajneeshpuram was riddled with controversy and crime, specifically due to the tensions between the members of the New Age-y commune and their much more conservative Oregonian neighbors. In fact, followers within Rajneeshpuram put forth the largest bioterrorism attack to ever be committed on United States soil.
If you're wondering what Moore could possibly borrow from Rajneeshpuram for a casual weekend away, it's worth noting that one prominent feature of this commune was their bright orange and red attire. Apparently, the Wild, Wild Country aesthetic was the inspiration behind the dress code on Moore's girls' trip to Big Sur.
Moore took to Instagram to wax poetic about her vacay, which also included Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly and Moore's This Is Us daughter-in-law Susan Kelechi Watson. (By the way, if you ever need a girls' trip seat filler... call me.) Moore wrote:
"I’m not sure there’s a way to top our girls weekend at @ventanabigsur (one of my most favorite places ever) but we’ve decided to aim for it to become an annual tradition. The walk in the redwoods, the poolside chats, the endless laughs, the food, the wine.....We lived our best lives and I’m left blown away by my friends and our good fortune to be able to share these moments together. A special shout out to the bff of all bffs, @rp1313, who always goes above and beyond and executed the most thoughtful, perfect experience for all of us. these ladies (and @chaseweideman) with my whole heart."
So there was no confusion amongst fans in the comments, Moore added a Wild, Wild Country shout-out in her hashtags:
"#bestweekendever #bigsur#yesourcolorpalettewasinspiredbyrajneeshpuram."
Perhaps the reason for telling fans about the Rajneeshpuram inspiration was so that no one assumed Moore was channeling The Handmaid's Tale on her latest weekend away. Say what you will about Wild, Wild Country and the Rajneeshpuram (a lot has been discussed about this controversial tale), but you have to admit that Moore looks pretty great in this bright shade of the rainbow.

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