This $5 Highlighter Is Completely Sold Out — Here's What To Get Instead

Photographed by BriAnne Wills.
You always want what you can’t have — especially when it comes to beauty products. That’s why we’re getting the inside scoop from your favorite retailers on what’s selling out right now, how to sign up for waitlists, and where to go to find the next best thing. Because if everyone’s buying it, you know it has to be good.
Drugstore products are considered "mass" for a reason: They're produced at such large quantities that anyone — whether you're based in Los Angeles, California or Birmingham, Alabama — can (in theory) get their hands on them. It's not every day that a drugstore item sells out, which is why the success of Essence's new Pure Nude highlighters is particularly impressive.
In less than a week since launching, two shades — Cosmolighter, a minty green, and Spacelighter, a frosty pink — have been wiped clean from shelves. And while the success of a rose-gold highlighter isn't all that shocking, the mad dash to buy the pistachio version is certainly uncommon.
Despite how it looks in the pan, Cosmolighter's minty-green color is actually widely flattering thanks to the gold shimmer running through the powder. The formula makes for a duo-chrome effect that looks green in some lights, and gold in others. Sadly, you'll have to wait until the brand restocks the shade to get your hands on one. Until then, check out five highlighters we love just as much.

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