Hooked On Zara? This Is Your New Dream Insta-Feed

Zara is massive. So massive, that a plan of attack is often necessary to even figure out just what you should be buying there. On one end, the trend options are limitless. On the other end...the trend options are limitless. Where we love the global fast-fashion retailer, it feels near impossible to narrow down its overzealous amount of product, especially when its pro styling team makes everything look so Insta-worthy.
Such is our love for Zara. Which is why when we stumbled across a new Instagram account dedicated solely to the store, we immediately hit follow. The Devils Wear Zara, a feed run by two industry insiders and best friends — Who What Wear editors, Mimi Postigo and Lauren Eggertsen — answers all of our "Okay, but how do I actually wear that?" musings.
Committed entirely to making trendy Zara wares as "like" worthy and aspirational as the myriad of fashion influencer-based pages out there, The Devils Wear Zara only solidifies the retailer's growing popularity. After realizing their wardrobes were pretty Zara-heavy, the duo started snapping pictures of all of their outfits that contained its pieces. "Everything we wear is Zara," the account bio reads, "So we made an Instagram about it." Their leg up? Knowing what they're doing, of course.
Prior to the Instagram account's birth, Postigo, a social media editor for WWW, and Eggertsen, WWW's fashion editor, had already been at it for some time. Hell bent on using their friendship as a partnership to "create something," as told to us by Postigo, the two "kept going back to the fact that we were two young women working in fashion together, and thought we could relate to a lot of other young women who had the same career goal. A few coffee dates later and we came up with the idea of starting an IG around the fact that despite working in the fashion industry, we believe in shopping affordably. Thus, Devils was born."
The inescapable retailer allows us to dip a toe into each season's trends for a fraction of the cost. Rather than having to skip rent to invest in a designer piece, we're able to wear that lilac knit, don that polka dot dress, nab that statement-sleeve blouse, and keep up with fashion's fast-moving trends as they come. Sure, it's not a forever piece, but everyone deserves to tap into whichever trend they like; fashion shouldn't be reserved for the wealthy. That relatable accessibility set a new course for the pair.
When it comes to sourcing out which Zara goods to actually buy, the two have a few methods for filtering through the site. Eggertsen shares: "We frequent the 'new arrivals' section to keep tabs on the latest products, and use the Zara app for what we think is potentially the easiest shopping experience to date." Postigo adds: "Zara app all the way. I have made purchases on it while driving. Scroll to the bottom of the 'new arrivals' page or whatever category you’re looking to shop. That’s where they sneak in the newest pieces."
Although they've currently racked up an impressive 51K+ followers (which includes Net-A-Porter's Fashion Director Lisa Aiken and other notable industry names), they're still holding out for their favorite influencers to take stock. Lauren notes: "Emili Sindlev or Giorgia Tordini: If either of you are reading this, it’s not too late to become our best friends!"
But running a popular Zara dedicated account doesn't come without an avalanche of DMs. "What a lot of people don’t know about our account," Eggertsen says, "is that we really have created a hyper-engaged community of Zara-loving people around the world. We are constantly getting messages about sizing, people sending us pictures from inside Zara dressing rooms asking our opinions, and tagging us in their latest Zara purchases. Sometimes we joke about it saying our followers just think we are Zara customer service or something. We’re not, for the record."
Ahead, get to know the The Devils [who] Wear Zara, and see some of our favorite looks, from ice cream-hued two-pieces to structured wicker bags.

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