If You Love Binge-Watching, Netflix Has The Perfect Job For You — But There's A Catch

Photo: Netflix.
Do you spend an entire weekend ordering food delivery and watching Netflix on your couch? Would you call off work in order to binge-watch the new season of Orange is the New Black? If so, Netflix may have a job for you. Time to update your LinkedIn account for this truly unique job.
Esquire has the scoop on the latest job opening with the streaming giant. Netflix is looking for an editorial analyst in their Los Angeles office; they are seeking a candidate who can watch hours of Netflix original television and movies and annotate the content for viewers. The editorial analyst will also optimize the shows’ metadata and provide critical analysis — perfect for the person who always has an opinion about Jessica Jones. In other words, Netflix wants to pay you to watch their content and write about it. Please, take our resumé!
If this sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. There’s one huge catch with this job: candidates should be fluent in Japanese. “Proficiency in Japanese is mandatory,” lists the job qualifications, and we’re presuming that doesn’t just include hearing comprehension. With the required written component, the successful applicant should also be able to write in Japanese.
If you fit the bill, we totally encourage you to apply. After all, what other job would let you make fun of Bright and memorize every episode of Big Mouth? When your parents call and ask about work, you can tell them that you watch now TV for a living, and hear the palpable confusion in their voice. Then, at holidays, they’ll ask, “How is work going? Are you still doing the TV-watching thing?” before asking when you’ll finally get a real job. All we ask is that you use your newfound Netflix prestige to bring back Sense8.

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