A Porn Site Wants To Bring Back A Popular Canceled Netflix Series

There's nothing more popular on the internet than porn, and xHamster is leveraging its, uh, user base to bring back one of Netflix's most beloved canceled shows. The Wachowski sisters-helmed Sense8 was unceremoniously put on the chopping block earlier this year. Fans have been campaigning on social media to bring the show back, and while Netflix politely told them "sorry not sorry," the streaming media giant eventually announced plans to air a 2-hour finale of the show.
xHamster, for its part, is as unsatisfied with Netflix's finale capitulation as the rest of us. The site is offering to host the show on its site. Specifically, the actual show, not a porn version of it. "We know it’s unconventional, but we want to bring it back — on xHamster. We’re not talking about a parody, or something less than, but an actual revival of the series," writes xHamster CEO Alex Hawkins in an open letter to Netflix.
Netflix has refused to comment on why Sense8 was canceled in the first place. They famously do not release their viewership numbers, though show co-creator Lana Wachowski has said that the numbers "have always been challenging." Sense8's story lines were dynamic and complicated, and featured a heavily diverse cast and character roster, in terms of sexual and gender identity.
Lana Wachowski is currently writing the third season of the cult favorite show, though there are no plans to host anywhere else. "She’s writing… because she believes so much in the fans that they’re going to go out and actually create so many more fans", says Wachowski in the third person. It is unknown of Netflix would even allow alternate distribution of the show. The Wachowski sisters (best known for creating The Matrix) and Netflix have not commented on xHamster's offer.
The show did not shy away from explicit sexual scenes, either. Perhaps xHamster isn't such an unusual home for the show, after all.
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