Of Course Krystal From The Bachelor Loves Tony Robbins

Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin.
It turns out that reigning Bachelor Nation uber-villain Krystal Nielson is, as well as a lover of beach workouts, an enthusiastic user of the c-word, and a keen judge of, um, packaging, a huge fan of...Tony Robbins?
Two former contestants recently sat — brunched, actually — for an interview with Vulture and it wasn’t long before the Nielson tea started flowing. Bekah Martinez says she expressed her fandom frequently in the house: “She was always preaching peace and love, and I was just like, Ugh, stop trying so hard. At the end of the day, you said what you said and did what you did.
“She was always quoting Tony Robbins,” said her once fellow Mrs. Arie Luyendyk, Jr. hopeful — can you even imagine?!?! — Martinez to Vulture. “Tony Robbins is her god.”
Castmate Kendall Long, added with emphasis, “She loves Tony Robbins.”
For her part, Nielson recently told Refinery29 that her aim was simple: “I came in, I wanted to feel. I wanted to be emotional. I really put my emotions out there. There were highs, there were lows. I poured myself [out], even in my interviews, I really gave a lot.” Host Chris Harrison, who recently called Nielson one of the "most polarizing contestants" in the history of the show, would likely consider this an understatement.
Is it possible that the rant on the bus ride, the interrupting of Bibiana, the needle-dick comment, and the weird, raspy whisper-voice were all done out of a diligent and heartfelt attempt to follow the fabled life coach’s teachings?
I mean, probably not. But the very bizarreness of her affinity for Robbins is also what feels most right about the admission. After all, those who can’t do, teach. Right?
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