10 Hulu Picks For The Culture

Here’s some tea for you: Netflix's library has apparently been shrinking. According to Flixable’s “Netflix Museum,” the streaming platform has nearly 2,000 fewer titles today than it did in 2010. And this is largely in part due to their investment in creating and distributing their own original content. By forgoing continuing partnerships with broadcast networks and movie studios in order to prioritize their in-house shows and movies, Netflix has still managed to grow its membership while decreasing the amount of content available. This is great for Netflix, but not so great for fans of Black films and other programming. There are a bunch of classic Black titles missing from streaming platforms across the board, but it is an area where Hulu has a bit of a leg up.
Netflix’s green competitor, who celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year, hasn’t lost interest in securing distribution rights from studios and networks. The result is a much more captivating selection of series and movies by and for Black folks. Whether you want to binge watch a ‘90s sitcom or catch a relevant documentary, Hulu is doing it for the culture. Check out these 10 titles and chill.

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