There's A New Version Of This $129 Palette — & It's Way Cheaper

I see a lot of beauty products in any given week, and most of them are really good, too, but rarely do I feel the urge to jump up and parade an item around for others to ooh and ahh over. But then again, rarely do expensive luxury brands make affordable miniature versions of their beloved, massive 15-pan eyeshadow palettes.
What makes Natasha Denona's new Mini Sunset Palette so special (besides the fact that it's adorable, perfect for travel, and only contains shades you want to wear) is the fact that the brand's original Sunset Palette costs a whopping $129. That's a pretty unattainable price for any single piece of makeup, no matter how great (and even Denona's other palettes cost almost $50). But the new Mini Sunset Palette rings in at $25, includes five shades, and, despite the name, isn't actually that tiny. (If you can't hide in your palm, is it really mini?)
The shadows within live up to Natasha Denona's reputation for creating stellar powders. They're easy to blend (almost creamy), highly pigmented, and have next to no fall out — all reasons the formula was a finalist in our Beauty Innovator Awards. While none of the shades are exact matches for any in the original Sunset Palette, the new Mini has the same warm orange, burgundy, and neutral bronze tones that work just as well for day as they do for night. I recently took a trip and packed this palette as my only form of eyeshadow and didn't feel like I was lacking colors — and I'm someone who doesn't shy away from rainbow makeup.
Now the only question is, are you going to spend the $104 you save on a new skin-care lineup or a tent at Coachella?
Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette, $25, available at Sephora.