Is A Macaulay Culkin Renaissance Coming? His Oscars Tweets Say Yes

This time four years ago, we were all heralding the arrival of The McConaissance, as Matthew “Alright, Alright, Alright” McConaughey reached highs of his career no one imagined since 1993's Dazed And Confused. Now, however, we should all be preparing for the Macaulcaissance.
Oh, you don’t know what the Macaulcaissance is? Well, let me tell you: Macaulay Culkin is back and he's here to own pop culture in a way literally no one could have predicted.
Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the Home Alone star’s 2018 Oscars live tweeting session.
Culkin announced his upcoming social media storm the night before the Academy Awards began, saying, “Are you going to watch the #Oscars tomorrow?? I won't. But I WILL be LIVE TWEETING them (so I don't feel left out). Seriously.” His endless stream of tweets the next day prove the child star, who has mostly stayed out of the spotlight in recent years, was very, very serious.
Limitless celebrities have since been roasted by the man best known for throwing his hands on his face in a state of Christmas movie shock. Culkin's first target was Saved By The Bell’s Dustin Diamond, then came the (imaginary) cast of CSI NCIS, Scott Bakula of the real the NCIS: New Orleans, and even host Jimmy Kimmel, who is not Jimmy Fallon.
But, Culkin’s most important tweets took aim at two powerful Hollywood men recently revealed to be alleged sexual predators. “EXCLUSIVE: I heard Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein were going to come disguised as a very tall man in a long trench coat but they got busted by security,” the former Golden Globe nominee wrote. Minutes later, Culkin added, “I heard there was a fourth billboard in that movie but it got cut out.”
“That movie” is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and that supposed fourth billboard is a photo of Kevin Spacey promising, “I’ll literally do anything.”
Culkin’s reported girlfriend Brenda Song, yes, of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody fame, is one of the few to survive the tweetstorm without suffering a sick burn. Rather, the actor predicted the Disney Channel alum would win “Best Song.” Get it?
It seems Culkin’s massive social media strategy might be an effort to get eyeballs on his new website Bunny Ears, which has the tagline “Burning Through Home Alone Money Since 2018.” The new lifestyle brand satire is filled with posts dedicated to poking fun at its creator — “The idea for Bunny [Ears] launched from the mind of world-famous celebrity turned world-famous recluse, Macaulay Culkin” — and poking even more fun at publishing trends. One post details all the reasons its author deserved to be invited to the Oscars while another offers to uncover “the rejuvenating powers of sand.”
Culkin popped over to The Tonight Show to hang out with Jimmy Fallon and point people towards Bunny Ears. That late night TV appearance will now go down in history as the first step towards 2018’s Macaulcaissance.
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