Princess Tiffany Haddish Interrupted Daniel Kaluuya's Red Carpet Moment

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.
Tiffany Haddish is having a triumphant year, and her hilarity and infectious enthusiasm are making the Oscars red carpet a far better – and more unpredictable — place. Daniel Kaluuya and Michael Strahan were wrapping up their interview about Get Out during ABC's live carpet show, when Haddish approached the platform. "The Princess of Eritrea has arrived," she said, referencing what we hope will be a plot in Season 3 of The Crown. Haddish followed that up with a little dance.
Typically, actors and actresses don't interrupt red carpet interviews with proclamations of royalty and jigs. But who needs convention when they could have fun? At the sight of Haddish, Kaluuya's face lit up — he was immediately and utterly amused. Strahan was visibly shocked, but he bounced back quickly with a witty comment connecting Haddish's comment about royalty to Kaluuya's Black Panther role. "He was also in Black Panther. He's the king of something," Strahan said. Strahan's observation wasn't quite correct, though. Kaluuya's character, W'Kabi, is head of security of Wakanda's Border Tribe, but he is close friends with King T'Challa.
Despite the short notice, Strahan expertly wove in another pun. "Tiffany, we're done with you. Get out," he said, making a reference to Get Out, the movie for which Kaluuya received a Best Acting nomination.
Soon after, Haddish got her own interview with Strahan, which was just as delightful as her surprise cameo. Strahan verbalized that look of sheer enjoyment on Haddish's face perfectly. "You're like a kid, and this is a dream, and you're just in heaven right now." Haddish agreed. "It is heaven to me. It's a dream come true," she replied.
During her official interview, Haddish gave context for her "Princess of Eritrea" comment. She's wearing a traditional Eritrean dress to the Oscars to honor her father, who passed away last year. He was from Eritrea.
Haddish has been exploring her Eritrean roots. In January of 2018, Haddish visited Eritrea to visit her extended family, and hold a burial ceremony for her father. "I felt like my heart was being healed," she told EriTV while she was in the country. "I've been through a lot of things. I was trying to figure out, 'Who am I?' And now I have a way better understanding of who I am, why I'm on this earth—what my purpose is."
Haddish planned to make the most of her time on the red carpet. Her next task was tracking down Meryl Streep — Haddish apparently wants the oft-nominated actress to play her mother in Girls Trip 2.
Haddish was successful – she intercepted Streep on the red carpet. Undoubtedly, she'll continue to spread joy wherever else she goes.
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