Natalie Portman's New Hair Is All The Pixie Inspiration We Need

For well over a decade, Natalie Portman has been the actress who would undergo just about any beauty transformation for a role. She's rocked everything from a pink bob to a buzzcut to a full head of buttery blond. Now, the latest paparazzi evidence suggests she's test-driving yet another hairstyle for her upcoming role — and it might just be her edgiest one since 2007.
Photogs spotted Portman in New York City while on break between filming scenes for Vox Lux. In the film, she plays Celeste, a musician who achieves superstardom after some "unusual circumstances." Considering the plot follows Celeste from 1999 to the present, you can probably safely expect to see plenty of beauty transformations. But the most recent shot of the actress shows her rocking a dark pixie slicked back into a pompadour style, which is basically the hair equivalent of a leather jacket and combat boots. In other words, it's completely badass.
From what we can tell, the look didn't require shears. (We suspect there's some expert pinning and tucking work involved.) Yet, it still proves Portman is the ultimate beauty chameleon, the rare human who can truly pull off anything. And although we aren't sure if we have the guts to chop all our hair off at the moment, we might very well change our tune after staring at this rad cut on the big screen for two hours.

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