16 Affordable Beauty Products You Need This Spring

One of the best surprises for beauty fans is learning that the products used by everyone from Mandy Moore to Beyoncé to Drew Barrymore come from the drugstore. Those Victoria's Secret-worthy waves? Courtesy of a $10 mousse. The highlighter that's brighter than a paparazzi flash? Available at CVS for less than your Starbucks order. Truth is, you can mimic a red-carpet look without going over budget. But where should you start?
Unfortunately, there's no yellow brick road to lead you through your affordable beauty journey. So we're here to make the trip easier, because CVS gave us the exclusive on all the newest launches that just hit its shelves this season. Check ahead for launches from all the brands you love — like L'Oréal, Olay, Garnier, and more.
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Remember the hype over peel-off brow gels? Well, it's back and more affordable than ever. This stain formula applies wet, sets dry, and leaves behind long-lasting color for noticeably defined brows.
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There's nothing wrong with embracing your natural frizz. But on days you want something a little sleeker, reach for this smoothing and hydrating conditioner.
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Lipstick that doesn't feel heavy like lipstick, yet looks as pigmented as a lipstick is every foodie's dream. While this full-coverage color doesn't last forever, the creamy texture and hit of hydration makes it fun enough to reapply over and over.
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Just what you need for your dreaded dark circles, this color-corrector is so good — you'll never feel bad about staying out late again.
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Is there anything more awkward than those three minutes you're standing in the shower, away from the water, just waiting for your hair mask to penetrate? Luckily, this one will only take you minute — but leave you with the same silky results.
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Olay's tried-and-true Regenerist formula now comes in a whipped option that feels just as weightless on skin even hours after you apply.
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When your makeup is flaking, you need an exfoliating scrub. This one smells like a fruit basket and is loaded with tiny kiwi seeds that feel just as delicious.
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Like any other highlighter, this liquid illuminator will make your cheekbones pop. Unlike other highlighters, however, you can mix this pearly hue in your moisturizer, primer, or foundation for glowing, lit-from-within skin.
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A pretty pink color that packs a punch, thanks to strengthening camellia extract.
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Not for the faint of heart, metallic lipsticks continue to be one of our favorite runway trends.
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With a formula that transforms from powder to cream, this lipstick delivers the perfect makeout lip.
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Showers aren't actually fun — who are we kidding? — but if there's one way to make yours a little more interesting, it's with a foaming conditioner.
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Reusing false lashes is the bane of every beauty fan's existence, especially when some of the hairs are holding crusts of dried glue. Thankfully, magnetic lashes let you skip the gross factor and go straight to the lewk.
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Like MAC's innovative roller-wheel eyeliner, only a lot gentler on your pocket.
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A creamy lipstick so lush, you'll want to kiss yourself in the mirror.
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It may not deliver the same fluttery results as eyelash extensions, but this daily treatment helps your natural set reach their highest potential.
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