It's Official: Kylie Jenner Has Named Her Daughter…

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It's official: Kylie Jenner has announced the name of her daughter with Travis Scott and you truly could have never guessed it. No it doesn't start with a "C." No it has nothing to do with lip kits — that we know of.... yet (that's a Lady Bird joke, which, speaking of mothers, you should watch). No it doesn't even start with a "K." This name is a complete and total wildcard.
The baby's name is... Stormi.
Like, a storm but with an "i" at the end. Yes, like Stormy Daniels *clears throat* anyways, Jenner shared the name with her followers on social media along with the first photo of the newborn. In the photo her daughter is holding onto Jenner's perfectly manicured finger.
It's unclear at this time if Stormi has a middle name (most of her cousins don't) and if her last name will be Scott (her father's stage last name) or Webster (his given last name) or even Jenner (to keep the brand alive and well). I also need to know if Jenner is trying to stylize the name to be spelled as "stormi," as she writes in the caption, rather than the more conventional and oh-so-boring "Stormi."

stormi ??

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After keeping her pregnancy a complete and total secret, Jenner finally allowed fans inside her pregnancy journey when she shared a 12-minute documentary-style vlog on YouTube three days after she gave birth. With this sudden name announcement, she is quickly making up for lost time (she was silent on social media, with the exception of plugging her beauty line, for nearly 6 months) with her eager and dedicated fans.
Now, we patiently wait for the mommy blog and vlog walking us through the name decision-making process.
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