Did Khloé Just Drop A Clue Regarding The Name Of Kylie's Baby?

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We don't know the name of Kylie Jenner's new baby yet, but Khloé Kardashian may have just given us a clue. The elder Kardashian sent Jenner a bouquet in the shape of a "C," which can mean only one thing: The baby's name starts with a "C."
(We should note at this point that there is some debate as to whether the bouquet is the shape of a "C" or an "L" or maybe just a conveniently C-shaped arrangement of bouquets. For the sake of this article, we are going to assume that Kardashian wrote, "PLEASE SEND A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS IN THE SHAPE OF A C" to a nearby florist.)
Thus begins the name debate. What did Jenner name her brand-new babe? Born on February 1, the baby is an Aquarius and a girl. And maybe her name is going to start with "C."
Photo: King Kylie/Snapchat.
One Twitter user suggested that, based on this clue, the baby will likely be named "chrysalis." This is because it is already widely speculated that the baby will be named "Butterfly." There is heavy circumstantial evidence that Jenner likes this name. First of all, she and her boyfriend (and father to her daughter) Travis Scott both have butterfly tattoos on their ankles. And, Scott purchased a butterfly necklace for Jenner in August. Scott also released a song entitled "Butterfly Effect" in May of 2017, almost a month after the couple was first spotted together. The song is rumored to be about Jenner, but only because it's a song that came out just as Scott and Jenner started dating. Still, the butterfly theme is strong with this couple.
So, what's the closest word to "Butterfly" that starts with a "C"? That would be chrysalis, the scientific term for a butterfly pupa. As Katerina (@krayz_kz) the savvy Twitter user pointed out, the nickname for Chrysalis would be "Chrys," which also happens to be the name of the Kardashian matriarch.
There's also the small matter that Jenner is afraid of butterflies, which is either beautifully poetic or just plain upsetting.
So, a few other "C" names the baby could be named.
1. Crystal
2. Cocoon
3. Courtney
4. Cookie
5. Chloe
6. Carnation
7. Carnival
9. Charlotte
10. Cute (because the baby will be cute!)
11. Callista
12. Calliope
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