Wait Until You See What Travis Scott Bought Kylie Jenner For Her Birthday

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It looks like Kylie Jenner's latest S.O. is all about piling on the bling. According to E! News, the makeup mogul and reality star didn't get a new car for her birthday this year (after getting two in a row, a Ferrari and a Mercedes Maybach, from ex-boyfriend Tyga), she may have gotten a brand-new diamond-encrusted enamel butterfly choker.
Teen Vogue explains that last Thursday, Jenner celebrated her birthday in high style. She was honored with a surprise party which featured an ice sculpture shaped like her actual body and her family served up a cake with her face on it. Nobody can blame any of the Kardashians for not being all about their brands after seeing Kylie's name spelled out in gold balloons and having her likeness all over the party. But what happened before the big bash may be what gives fans reason to ooh and aww.
E! News reports that Jenner's current beau, Travis Scott, hired a string quartet to serenade the birthday girl before she and her cadre of friends and family attended a private screening of Kidnap. Somewhere along the way, though, Scott slipped the necklace to Jenner and she was seen with it around her neck as the group made their way out of the movie theater. Jenner didn't offer up a closer look, but thanks to the piece's designer, Elliot Avianne, everyone got a chance to peek at the stunner.
An Instagram post from the Avianne & Co. offers up a clear image of the necklace, which features a thick pavé diamond chain and five multi-colored butterflies that are also covered in glittering gems. In total, the necklace boasts 28 carats of VVS-grade diamonds and cost about $60,000.
Why the butterflies? No, they're not major Mariah Carey stans. The winged bugs seem to have significance for the couple. Not only do the two have tiny matching ankle tattoos featuring butterflies, Scott's latest tune, "Butterfly Effect," is also rumored to be about Jenner.
It's certainly a lot for two people who haven't even confirmed that they're dating, though these grand gestures sure point to something more than just friendship between the two. Ah, young love.
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