Stormy Daniels Definitely Knows Who Stormi Is & She Has Some Words Of Advice

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Update: Stormy Daniels has some words of advice for the latest Stormi to enter the world. The porn performer, who made headlines after InTouch published an old interview with the performer about her relationship with Donald Trump, congratulated Kylie Jenner on the birth of her daughter who now shares her iconic name, but also issued a warning.
"Little girls named Stormy are known to cause trouble," she told The Blast. "It’s a tough name to live up to, I hope you’re fierce."
Original story was published below on February 6.
It appears Kylie Jenner has been a little too busy to read the news. After confirming her pregnancy and the birth of her baby over the weekend, today she took to Instagram to announce the name of her baby girl: Stormi. Unfortunately, that's also the name of the porn performer who recently dominated the news cycle for her alleged affair with President Donald Trump. Technically, her name is Stormy Daniels, and after InTouch printed a full interview with the actress — who may or may not be in a non-disclosure agreement — she appeared on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and all over our Twitter feeds. When I hear "Stormi," I think of Stormy Daniels, and I'm not the only one.
"Kylie doesn't read the news," tweeted New Yorker writer Doreen St. Felix.
"Did...Kylie Jenner...miss the news cycle?" asked Racked editor Meredith Haggerty.
"Who's gonna tell Kylie about Stormy Daniels," wrote comedian Blythe Roberson.
Which brings me to the first installment of my new game: Does Kylie Jenner Know Who Stormy Daniels Is?
It would be understandable, given that she was at the end of her pregnancy when this all went down, that Jenner totally missed the way Stormy Daniels took over our brains and eyes and unconscious thoughts, but I actually think it's something different. Like dropping her baby news on Super Bowl weekend, Jenner knows she can usurp even the most pervasive of pop culture moments. What if she's doing Storm(y/i)s everywhere a favor by having her new baby girl be the new most popular Stormi, pushing the name's previous Trumpian connotations out the window? I've always believed the Kardashians know way more than they ever let on. Either way, I think we have an early contender for 2018's word of the year.
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