Is THIS Why Beyoncé Was Late To The Grammys?

Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty Images.
The moment Blue Ivy and Jay-Z took their seats at the 2018 Grammy Awards, there was one question on every viewer's mind: Where in the hell is Queen Bey? (Okay that and, OMG how cute is Blue's all-white ensemble?!) Beyoncé, who is nominated for Best Rap/Song Collaboration for "Family Feud," a song with and on her husband's 4:44 album, appeared to have skipped the red carpet entirely — and only showed up to the show with a few hours to spare. Because of course.
When the camera panned to her seat and she was finally in it, Bey was wearing an all-black velvet gown, oversized diamond earrings, purple lipstick, and cornrow braids. The whole look, according to her stylist Nicolas Jebran, was inspired by the 1960s Black Panther movement — a nod she's made multiple times, from her Superbowl performance to Lemonade, Vogue reports. But people on Twitter were convinced it was the latter detail — her hair — that made the artist late to the awards show.
Considering the braiding process can take anywhere from two to four hours with extensions, the theory is not completely implausible.
While most fans took to Twitter to explain their theories about her lengthy hair appointment, others thought her braids signaled something else — like a surprise performance.
Whatever the reason, there's one thing we can all agree on: Her braids made the coolest addition to her outfit. Which is a good thing, considering that's all anyone sitting in the audience behind her hat will be looking at for the rest of the show...

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