Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14, Episode 14 Recap: "Bun In The Oven"

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10 years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians means there are so many memories from the show. And so many more to make. But don’t worry – there are no mimes this episode.
How Khloe Found Out
We all know Corey Gamble as Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, who provided a lot of comfort to Kris after her divorce and during the Paris robbery aftermath. He’s apparently not everyone’s fave, though. Of course, Khloe was skeptical when they started dating, but now that Corey tells everyone that she hates him, she’s even more pissed. But this is the least of her problems right now.
Fitness queen Khloe has been feeling “so sluggish and bloated.” She even had to take a seat in the shower after a hard workout. She doesn’t think she’s pregnant, but who knows? Besides us, of course.
One day, she just calls her assistant, Alexa, into her bathroom and shows her a pregnancy test. Between her perfectly manicured claws are two little pink lines. She’s pregnant!
“‘I’m super nervous, but really excited. There’s a million emotions going on in my brain,” she confesses.
Khloe and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, planned to start trying in August, but she actually ended up getting off of birth control earlier in order to get her egg count up. Well, it certainly worked!
She tries to tell Tristan over Facetime by showing him the test, but there was a poor connection. She ends up just screaming “I’m pregnant!” over the phone. He’s genuinely shocked, to the point where he asks Khloe if she’s joking. According to Alexa, Tristan has really been wanting to have a kid. Now, everything is falling into place for Khloe and she seems so happy.
So, when will she spill the news to her sisters?
Since Tristan is out of town, Khloe wants to wait until his family visits to tell all the families at once. But it’s so hard being around her sisters. Even Kim is shocked when the couple has a super affectionate reunion. “I’ve only known him for a year!” Khloe yells at Kim to remind her that they’re still honeymoon-ing. They’re about to be real, real committed.
While eating their giant salads, Kourtney reveals to Khloe that she thinks she’s gained a few pounds. Khloe can’t even swallow properly because she’s so shocked. “There are a lot of things happening!” she screams after Kourtney whacks her in the back.
One day while hanging out with Kendall and “the basketball player” (AKA Blake Griffin, who Kendall is rumored to be dating, Kourtney finds out that Corey doesn’t want to go to the BBQ (AKA the place Khloe is going to announce her pregnancy) because of her. Is she kidding?
Not at all. Khloe has no chill and immediately calls Corey on Facetime and tells him he has to come to the BBQ. So, not only is she nervous about the announcement, but she also has to confront her kind of step-dad.
Khloe’s Big Announcement
Khloe isn’t the only one who has big things happening. Kris Jenner decides to get a little cosmetic surgery before the party. Listen, we all know the Kardashians are no strangers to plastic surgery. And who wouldn’t get a little nip, tuck, or poke if they had their kind of money? But Kris Jenner’s latest decision is a bit wilder than the rest. She thinks her earlobes are massive. There are always going to be little things that bug us about our bodies. In her case, those earlobes have got to go.
The earlobe procedure only takes thirty minutes to complete and will look good in three days. According to Dr. Jason B. Diamond, it’ll take 5-10 years off of her appearance. She’s so happy to be doing it. Kim comes by to help soothe her nerves. Be warned! There are definitely close-ups of her surgery and her freshly cut ear. But she comes out feeling good about it all and showing off her ears. It’s just in time, too, because the whole family is here for the barbeque!
Even Kanye West shows up and shares a few “I love you”s and hugs with Khloe and Kris. The kids are running around. Baby Dream is attached to Khloe’s hip. Scott brought a giant dog! It’s the whole family and then some. And it’s only making Khloe feel more grateful.
During Tristan’s little preamble, you can see the wheels turning behind Kim’s eyes. Malika and Khadijah Haqq both jump out of their seats. Kris is immediately in tears and gets across the patio to hug her daughter.
“We’re having a baby!” Khloe awkwardly announces.
Tristan’s mom leads a special prayer, which pushes Malika over the edge and into a burst of tears.
Everyone is so emotional, even Kendall and Kylie, who Facetime in. In the talking head, Kim expresses how much she wishes she was actually pregnant so they could experience it together. Kim and Khloe’s little babies are about to be the best of friends.
The Aftermath
After the barbeque, things aren’t better with Corey. She wants the whole family to be happy and Kris completely backs up her point. So, she plans a little lunch with Corey and brings Kourtney along to keep the peace. Khloe is notoriously feisty, so who knows how this pregnancy might affect that?
“Y’all not my f------ kids,” Corey tells them, as if that offers an explanation. At the end of it all, Khloe is still confused. She tried to use this lunch as a peace offering, but he seemed to use it as a opportunity to blame Khloe for everything. Who knows how they can go on from this?
Luckily, Kris Jenner is here to lighten the mood. Her newly healed ears can hold even the most outrageous earrings and she’s ready to show them off. She pushes her new ears right into Kendall’s face (who, by the way, had no idea her mom had surgery). But Kris looks happier than ever. Plus, the one thing holding her back is solved! Khloe and Corey end up texting a lot! She even invites him to the Steve Harvey Show with her and Scott.
Khloe has always been the type of girl to make her own dreams happen. What she wants, she’ll get. There’s no stopping her. All of her passion and protectiveness is sure to make her a fantastic mother. Congrats to Khloe and Tristan!
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