Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14, Episode 13 Recap: "Mime Over Matter"

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Fans were overjoyed at Khloe Kardashian’s recent pregnancy announcement. Sharing in the excitement with celebs is part of the fun. After being left waiting for a week, we’re finally going to see how the rest of the family reacted in Monday night’s special episode. But first, some of the same old ridiculous Kardashian antics.
Super Mom
Kourtney Kardashian is spread thin. Between taking care of her 3 adorable kids, her new boo Younes Bendjima, and her jobs, she’s a busy girl. But some of those things don’t quite mix yet. She wants to keep her life with Younes separate from her kids for now. It’s still a new relationship. That means she’s gonna need Kim and Khloe’s help taking care of Mason, Penelope, and Reign.
One day, when Kourtney is heading out to Hillsong Church, she suddenly decides to stay with her kids because she doesn’t want to miss special moments. The Mom guilt is real. For so long, it was just her and her kids and dividing her time by doing stuff for herself is hard.
She opens up to her cousin, Cici, over the phone. Cici gets that Kourtney wants her own life, but tells Kourtney that she should stay home. Later, Kourtney says that Cici made her anxiety worse. But there’s one thing she did help with: Kourtney reveals that she’s mainly upset that her co-parenting partner is unstable.
Kourtney is expressing the frustration of so many moms everywhere. Being a famous parent means having your family scrutinized for all to see. It’s good for Kourtney to talk about the pressures of being a working mom and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Let mommy-shaming be a thing of the past. In the end, Kourtney decides to go to Egypt. Not only is it a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but Kourtney has an important realization. Taking time for herself isn’t selfish. In fact, it helps her be more present when she’s with the kids. It’s important for all moms to know that if you’re not 100%, there’s no way you can give your all to someone else. So, relax every once in a while, whether that’s a trip to Egypt or a 99 cent face mask.
Khloe Loses Her Mind?
It’s the kind of stuff you’d expect to see on a Jake Paul-esque YouTube channel. Khloe thinks that momager Kris is a little too stressed out. The only logical solution is to handcuff her to a mime. Because spa retreats aren’t things anymore, apparently.
Her explanation is that her mom has a “crazy, wild sense of humor,” which may be totally true. But it definitely doesn’t seem like Khloe is doing this out of the kindness of her heart. She tells Kourtney that she saw the same mime trick on Impractical Jokers. So, she got the same exact mime to handcuff to her mother.
“She’ll definitely kill us,” Khloe remarks.
While hanging out in the kitchen with Kourtney, Kendall, and a spoken to, but not shown Kylie, Pierre the Mime shows up. Khloe slyly handcuffs Pierre to Kris. Her daughters are having the best time watching her try to make a martini. Kris isn’t that impressed. After running around the house a little bit, Kris gets bummed because she’s a busy woman! No time for mime games. Khloe has other plans and leaves with the only key.
Kris, Kourtney, Penelope, and Pierre try to grocery shop without tearing the place down, which seems to be Pierre’s aspiration. It’s hectic, but at least Kris is laughing.
Once they’re home, Kris just decides to cut the leather cuffs off! If Khloe gets to make up rules, Kris can break ‘em.
“I’ve never laughed so hard my whole life,” she says. So, in some convoluted way, Khloe’s plan worked!
In fact, it might’ve made her a little too chill. She shows up at Khloe and Tristan’s in full mime gear. I mean, she looks good! But this is weird, even by Kardashian standards.
Rob’s New Dream
Throwback to that brief, fleeting moment when we thought Rob Kardashian was finally turning his life around and feeling good again. His relationship with Blac Chyna, however rocky it was, seemed happy enough, until its volatile end.
Now, they have to hold it together for their baby girl, Dream. Kim kind of explains that she abhors Rob’s decision to post explicit pics of her on social media, but we don’t hear apologies from the man himself. Khloe is just focused on the “positive”: Rob and Chyna broke up.
While lounging outside, Khloe and Kourtney call Rob to find out what’s happening. Apparently, they haven’t made any more progress. It’s taking a toll on the whole family. Kris, who seems to be spearheading the process, is especially hurt by it all.
Finally, Kris declares the custody battle over. Although other lawsuits might still be in the works, Rob is just going to do whatever it takes to be a good dad. That starts with bettering himself. His health is starting to suffer and now he has to take insulin. But he’s on top of his appointments, determined to get better.
The Kardashians love hard. They’ve done some pretty ridiculous things in the name of both love and hate. Hopefully, they learn their lessons and move right on. There are big things coming up!
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