People Have A Theory About Why Kylie Jenner Wasn't In The Kardashian Christmas Photo

Photo: Noam Galai/FilmMagic.
This year, December 25 took on a few meanings. For those celebrating, it marked the culmination of of the Christmas season, but for those celebrating a different kind of holiday, it marked the culmination of the Kardashian Christmas card. After Kim Kardashian kicked off her Christmas puzzle December 1, it wasn't long before fans started theorizing that the final days would confirm both Khloé and Kylie's rumored pregnancies. Last week, Khloé opted out of the puzzle and announced her pregnancy herself (and later confirmed that she's six months along), leaving people convinced that the final picture, which would presumably include the entire family, would at last confirm the pregnancy rumor that's been buzzing around Hollywood since it first broke in September.
So you can imagine people's collective disappointment when Kim Kardashian posted this as the grande finale to her 25-day-long Instagram tease:
In this giant family photo, Kylie Jenner is nowhere to be found. Granted, neither is their brother, Rob Kardashian, but after all this build up, it's particularly heartbreaking to leave out the one person everyone was waiting for.
Twitter, as always, had a lot to say:
"Kylie hid behind the tree like..." one fan joked.
"so do they just not like Kylie or, " beauty YouTuber Lew asked.
Mostly, people were just frustrated that we'll be heading into 2018 with the question we've been asking for months still unanswered: "IS KYLIE JENNER PREGNANT YES OR NO?"
But not all hope is lost. BuzzFeed UK writer Ben Henry has a theory that might just save Christmas — or whatever holiday of yours was ruined by Kylie's absence.
"Half of the Christmas card are looking at something," Henry pointed out. "THEY’RE LOOKING AT KYLIE JENNER HOLDING THAT BABY IM TELLING U."
This theory has more weight than you might think. If Khloé Kardashian is six months along, then going off the timing of the rumors, we can estimate that Jenner's rumored pregnancy is about eight or nine months — pretty much in line with Kim Kardashian's surrogate. Since we don't know the specifics, it's not a huge leap to suggest that Jenner's alleged baby has already been born.
This opens up the door for so many other types of announcements that will make up for this Christmas disappointment. Perhaps a New Years baby reveal? That will certainly start 2018 off right.

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