This Meghan Markle Look-A-Like Is So Good, She Won An Award

Not many people wake up every day, look in the mirror, and marvel at their uncanny resemblance to someone famous. But this year brought a barrage of celebrity look-a-likes that had the internet doing so many double takes, we still can't really tell them apart. But the latest is a lot more... royal than the rest.
Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images.
Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail.
While everyone else on the internet is buzzing about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement photos, we're busy talking about model and graduate student Lukwesa Morin. The 25-year-old may not be engaged to a British royal, star in Suits, or spark a string of fashion sell-outs, but her similarities to the star could certainly fool anyone. In fact, that's exactly what happened: According to Daily Mail, Morin's uncanny Markle looks won her a doppelgänger contest hosted by the dating site Beautiful People.
"Since Suits became popular, people have been telling me every day that I look like her, from perfect strangers, to my family," Morin told Daily Mail. "And now, since the engagement, I've had even more comments with people saying, 'Are you Meghan Markle? Are you going to marry a prince?'" Apparently, even Morin's own mother sees the resemblance. "My own mom has said, 'Oh my gosh, if only Prince Harry met you first!'"
But it's not just her looks that resemble the future Duchess. Morin also admires Markle's humanitarian work. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Morin worked as an environmental consultant for The World Bank and led an entire mission project to Lesotho alongside the United Nations World Food Program in 2016.
Normally, we can find at least a few differences in even the most believable celebrity doppelgängers. And yet, in the case of Morin and Markle, the similarities go beyond their looks — but also their philanthropic resumés.

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