This 18-Year-Old Looks Like Ariana Grande & Demi Lovato Combined

Photo: Frazer Harrison/AMA2015/Getty Images.
Turns out, for the price of $100,000, you can make a clone of your dog. Which makes you wonder: What would it cost to clone a person? Our guess is a hell of a lot more than any of us will ever have in our checking accounts. But luckily (or creepily), some celebs don't have to think about extracting DNA or shelling out millions to replicate themselves, because their doppelgängers are already walking around IRL.
Click ahead to see Taylor 2.0, Selena's double, the long lost Rihanna, Gigi's other sister, and more celeb look-alikes. The resemblance is so uncanny, if they ever met, these duos could pull off some serious Parent Trap switch-ups.

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