It Looks Like Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Finally Figured Out How To Make Jelena Work

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For a few months now, we have been desperate for official word on whether or not Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. However, unlike the last several times they were a couple, they may not ever divulge details, and that could be the key to making Jelena work.
According to E! News, Gomez and Bieber spent a low-key weekend together in Seattle recently. The two took a private jet from Los Angeles on Saturday, and later that day, they were spotted spending time together at The Sugar Factory in Bellevue, WA. Though they were unable to escape being capture by iPhone cameras of rabid fans, the two seemed to be playing it cool on their casual date. Thinking back to the overly-publicized relationship the couple had when they were first dating, the subtle state of their relationship now is hard to believe. Just compare hanging out at a candy shop to the many public displays of affection that were happening on various beaches in 2011. Obviously, no way of dating is better than the other, but there's no denying the two are taking a different approach this time around.
Gomez and Bieber have been spotted together a few times since October. First, it was a casual breakfast at an L.A. café. Then, there was a friendly bike ride. With the single exception of being caught making out at Bieber's hockey game, every time we've seen them together, things have seemed laid back and just fun. None of these get-togethers, including the trip to Seattle were flaunted for the press. Their recent hangs were about as normal as it gets, given their status as two of the most famous 20-somethings on the planet.
So, why have they made this switch to being more private about their relationship? One could argue that it just comes down to the fact that both Bieber and Gomez have matured. In a 2015 interview with the U.K.'s Sunday Times, Gomez explained that part of the reason for their dramatic relationship between 2010 and 2014 was simply that they were both teenagers. Now that Bieber and Gomez are 23 and 25, respectively, there's no doubt having more experience living in the spotlight has shown them privacy can pay off. However, maturity might not be the only thing at play.
The relationships that the two singers have been involved in since they broke up haven't exactly been private either. When Gomez began dating The Weeknd at the beginning of 2017, there were plenty of hints left for fans and the press. That included a video of the Canadian hip-hop artist, which she posted on Instagram then deleted a few hours later. There has even been Instagram drama between the Gomez and The Weeknd since breaking up. And, of course, last year, Bieber didn't mind showing off his relationship with Sofia Richie for the paparazzi.
When you consider their other highly-publicized relationships, which unfolded not all that long ago, it might not just be age and maturity that has Jelena taking things slow this time around. They could be hanging out a lot more or teasing their relationship with fans on social media like they have in the past, but instead, they seemed to be taking thing slow and being as private as possible. To us, that means one thing. This time, they're taking their relationship very seriously. There's a reason these two haven't been able to shake each other, and they're not playing it fast and loose with whatever it is they have. This time, they're doing everything they can to see where it goes, and we're excited to observe as much as they will let us get away with.

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